Looking At The Message In Krimz, Noble Stylez , Sharky and Eburn’s Zviroto Single.

While listening to the underlying message in the latest offering by DJ Krimz Beatz, I took down a few points about the content we share. D J Krimz Beatz is  a producer and club DJ from Harare. He happens to be in my circle and for about two months he has been very vocal about what he calls #Zviroto, which is the title of his track. In Shona, zviroto means dreams.

DJ Krimz is saying that too many Zimbabwean Hip-hop artists are representing a fake image and trying to push that to the public, a s a result, the hip-hop industry in Zimbabwe has stunted growth like those Tom and Jerry African Movie kids. The song feature Noble Stylz, Sharky and Eburn Mwanamuduku, a spoken word poet who does his craft in Shona. It was first distributed via whatsapp messenger before being uploaded to hulkshare.  Those who like rap about reality in Shona have been praisng the song in my newsfeed. Of course there are those who do not agree with the underlying message.

The song in fact has a broad message, Noble stylz urges artists to study the location and language of a people they plan to Market to, he also expresses that Africa and America have different marketing models. Sharky on the other hand ridi8cules fellow rappers for rapping Pac’s life yet they live in completely different environments. Eburn gives a spoken word verse, which has received mixed feelings. Some are not quite familiar with spoken word art while some think it was a good recipe.

I feel that Krimz is encouraging people to make relatable music. People are mostly entertained by relatable stuff, a simple look at your Facebook new feed will prove that people share a picture with a statement that is relatable nto ordinary life. No matter what that thing is, relatable content is begging to be shared.

Is Krimz then saying, partys, girls, clubs , sex and bling are not relatable? Well as long as there is a group that really lives with all that at its disposal, it is relatable  to that niche. Krimz is taking a shot at those who do not actually live the life they rap about. 50 cent’s many men is relatable to many thugs in America that have survived bullet wound but still manages to entertain a white kid somewhere in America who has never spent a day on the street. It is still powerful enough to make Zimbabweans want to rap about to it. The emotion that comes with content that you relate to carries a spirit of its own.

So before you think about making music entertaining, make it relatable then add a second element. It could be relatable and inspiring, it could be relatable and funny, it could be  educative in a relatable way. I encourage creative writing but if you’re going to be creative, be creative. If we can spot that you may be lying, you’re probably not creative. Krimz and his team really did good work on this song. Hope you can be able to download it and relate to it.

Remember, relable content gets the most retweets. Do not rubbish the Krimz idea, modify and use it. Get the song here…


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