Looking At The Lyrics To Amiz ft Major- Sango Rineshumba

Everybody knows that I’m a fan of good lyricism.  It is no wonder my reviews are always centred on lyrical content, its rhythm and delivery. I do not pay attention to instrumentals that much. I don’t really hear the tiny sounds in the background much but the instrumental on Amiz ft Major – Sango Reshumba is the truth.

It sets the tempo for the lyricism to come in and the tone of the song. The roars, the weather, the ambience, right above the melodies and kicks, symbals, hi-hats and drums. Rodney G, did great work on that. The hook by Major makes it African, because of its shona content. That jungle theme is maintained. It makes sense that the song is called ‘Sango RineShumba”. The name of the song means that , “The jungle is infested with lions”. Of course this song is very metaphoric. It has a metaphoric title and we already expect the artist Amiz to drop beast mode lyricism. Does he drop the expected?


The  views expressed here, are independent and are my 2cents to the dollar Amiz and other artists will pocket from reading this.

No doubt Amiz is a great lyricist. Good punchlines everywhere and his delivery is on point. I’m not quite sure it’s easy to follow the story in the song. He seems to be talking to his mother or a female figure in his first few lines and promising her that things are to be better, he quickly jumps into some paper chasing lines then something about his rivals. The song seems however to be talking about some struggles he faces in this “concrete jungle”. The city, so he lays out a series of problems from different subjects.


Now all these bars individually make sense and are really the same story, but the artist doesn’t connect them in such a way that makes me think they are related. I get lost. I suggest that if we were to sit someone average down and ask them, “What is Amiz talking about in his song?”. They would be very confused. They would agree that the song is good, it sounds good and there are bars being spat but they would be puzzled about the meaning, without reading his description on soundcloud or anything.


Amiz is really like… (NB: I may have heard some syllables wrong here)

It’s been a span since I wrote a letter,
Hope my words will calm/cut me down make it feel better,

Stop the the tears in your eyes, ge-getting’ better,

Change your mind like a blue to a red sweater,

Mind over matter, Mai Musacheme,

I’mma go-getta, don’t know when I’m coming back,

Try’na make this moment last, never looking back at the pas’, (past)

They say my life a movie, get up in the cast,….

Better pass the window level someone grace me,

Pop the bottles in my system- couldn’t face me,

The feeling when you killing that ish- n@#z wanna race me



This verse is about Amiz talking to  a female figure and telling her to be strong hence “mind over matter”. After the sixth line , the subject seems to drift away and drifts so much that the last lines of the verse are not married to the first. He is now talking about the hustle after he leaves perhaps. But they also seem like lines he put in place to continue flowing with the rhyme scheme he set a tempo for, rather than significant meaning lines. The (grace me, race me, face me), a lot of rappers do this a lot but at least Amiz manages to put sense in these lines… but Amiz your verse does not come back address the first person you were addressing in the first six lines. It seemed as if you were building a story around that person and the audience would have like to continue getting updates on what happened to that person or at least something that shows that we are still in the “letter”. It’s easy for the listener to forget that there was a letter talked about in the first line and get lost in rhyme patterns. The artist himself does not say any bars that show that he is concluding a letter on any part of the song.


The 2nd verse completely abandons the letter concept as I see it and he put less effort in writing it. Probably wanted to finish off the track. Another thing is I think Amiz, had a bit of a writers block in the last verse because he spoke too many subjects in the first verse and in future he can bypass this by reserving some topics for second verse or sticking to a certain aspect of the song per verse. For example, Synik’s – Muripo reserves each verse for one family member.


All in all, some of you were never going to notice all these things anyway, the song is really a great listen and you can download here or stream it below.  Don’t forget to like our page.


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