Looking At Cashbids Ventilation Series

When I first heard Ventilation 1 from Cashbid I went crazy about it. It was dropped at the right time, ruffled a lot of feathers and even got direct and indirect responses. A lot moved in the industry. There were questions on who were the targets.

Even though Cashbid had not said any names some bars inclined me to thinking, oh he must mean Brythreesixty, Team Bho and Mudiwa Hood. Well, I published my thoughts on whom I thought it was and Brythreesixty went towar with me and Cashbid. Well he wasn’t actually targeted by that song but I enjoyed that reaction.

in other words Ventilation 1 was so dope. Worse there was no other Ventilation to compare it with, it was a first. Ventilation 2 came out, now this one was indeed a shot at Brythreesixty as much as Cashbid may deny it but it didn’t do as good as 1.

Finally we look at Brazen, a.k.a Ventilation 3, which is more personal. It is deep it is his emotions on that beat but somehow it doesn’t give the same effect as Ventilation 1 did. I feel Cashbid’s message on being “real” has been too present since The Realest yet Cashbid is one who insists on versatility and such.

The message is even seen in “If you say so”. I know Cashbid is creative enough to give us something that’s not centred around being hard. Something you can playlist when you need to forget what’s flawed about love, life and hip-hop.

I feel like the public needed other messages other than venting out anger in between the Ventilation projects and Lyrical Redesign is becoming a Perfect Tehn, Cashbid is growing older and soon there may not be enough time or resources to invest in that project.

These are my raw thoughts and if you’d like to peep any of Cashbid’s work Ventilation 3 included. Please visit http://soundcloud.com/cashbid

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