Local Rappers Fueling MMT To Fame Through Hate-speech

“ Like the fire needs the air, I won’t burn unless you are there.”

MMT is Zimbabwean Hip-hop group famous for the song Wake up, dropped January, 2013. The song received mixed feelings as it used fellow artists’ names as word play, in some cases provoking no one, but some lines seeming to be subliminal disses. They later did other party singles which received criticism from those who do not feel their music for being “: bubble gum”.

Despite the criticism they have continued to be in top ten of various chart shows, have gotten a number of shows and are working on an album. They say they do music for the people not for rappers. Ideally the people do not analyse hip-hop to the level an artist would, so they do have a strong fan base especially with the airplay they get. I believe they are strategically positioned to get press coverage; shows and airplay given that 2/3rds of the members get radio show slots and have been in the industry for a while. The underground rappers crying in Facebook groups are yet to complain. They have not started. Remember I am a very independent source and have absolutely nothing to do with them. In fact this article is to show their “haters” how they may be fueling them to greater heights.

I assure you MMT is getting at least one award during Zim Hip-hop awards, mark my words but I am no Angel. Why? Because they planned to before you guys ever thought of it. While you guys were still arguing about whether Tatea Da MC shouldn’t have gotten that 2012 award they were already sitting down and organizing themselves from more exploits. January, they dropped their promo single, you should have known an album was coming. They made sure they knew the requirements for awards which most of you have not fulfilled and are harder to plan now. Zim hip-hop awards people have not made this information very available; I only saw it later in the year on an fb post. If you guys are going to little cipher groups and dissing MMT, while you are not getting shows and preparing albums, you have already lost. The same nominees will appear again… I see P.O.Y putting work (clever guy) and you guys say you’re better than him.

That may hold a degree of truth but you not making the right moves with all your talent. Your little posts will be pushed down the feeds. MMT will obviously have proof to add to their songs about how everyone hates on them, especially after the award… those statements like “They said I wouldn’t make it, but I got the award.” Their enemies will once again go on walls and complain about Zim Hip-hop awards and its transparency. Zim hip-hop and politics in Zimbabwe have similarities I guess.

The only person who seems to be dealing with his MMT issues strategically is Karma, because he has some organization in his work; however he didn’t promote Re-inKarnation enough in my view. However karma’s Go to Sleep, the reply to wake up (which I found dope) did not become as popular. See Karma rapped for rappers, MMT raps for the people. Few Kings on the other hand are as strong but I think they have other plans. The complaining and disses are coming from smaller inner circles I interact with on Facebook daily. The allegations are about nepotism surrounding radio-play and others not getting a chance.

I have listened to these allegations closely and downloaded some of the songs and I thought okay  “Whoever works at the library at power FM must be tired of wack rappers.” The quality is weak, the lyrics are wack, the choruses are cliché etc… Certirfied Street Music with no connections to radio has managed to get 2 Navy Seal singles on radio and one of them has been number one one on School Of Hip-hop Charts. Navy seal has no affiliation with rehab, he is impartial.

To conclude I appeal to you guys that don’t like the way these artists are doing things. Do not boost them by attacking them. If you want the fame they are getting study what they have been doing all year…it works. Feel free to approach , befriend them and ask questions.-

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