Lexx Kay – An Artiste With A Vision

I have taken long to drop this article but it has been sitting in my drafts for over six months.  Lexx Kay and I kicked this interview in 2015 but I always felt like I need the right timing for this and of course I ended up with a never ending pile of Zim Hip-hop songs. – Well it was destined for today then.

Lexx Kay is an artiste with a vision.

Lexx Kay Zim Hiphop

A great freestyler and vernac lyricist he simply knows how to create tracks and hustle for great shows even outside of Zimbabwe. He has invested much time into his abilities and I’ve always felt that Zim Hip-hop needs to hear more on his story.

Jokingly he says that his lyrics are effortless, ” They just come out like urine, you’ll never know what time is it gonna come but all l know z that for e rest of my life urine is gonna continue to come daily same as my concepts because m inspired by my daily surroundings, activities & the community around me.”

I found this hilarious but I got the gist. He considers “ChachiSalad” to be his best project, “Thats where l figured my own sound unique as my fingerprints. Then after that l went on to release “maihwe” which featured the legend Maskiri, Loverboy, Kusvika vati sorry, ini namaiguru and Landlord haapo ft Sniper.”

Having collided with such big names he has also done some recent wok wit Anonzi Xndr, Nox and GtBeats of the Mare fame.

“Besides being the first Afro hip-hop artist to tour S.A in 2015 with this tiff Zimdancehall competition. I managed to introduce my own sound unique as my fingerprints and thats my greatest achievement ’cause the uniqueness of my art has led me to e current opportunity I have in S.A but m not gonna disclose that for now it’s a surprize to my country and my fans whom I have starved for a couple of months without anything new from me changing my market to an international level.”

The artiste urged other aspiring artiste to rap subject matters that are relatable to the reality of the country.

“They must rap about something we can relate to in real life rather than fiction. Rappers have been talking about cash but in their pockets they don’t have $40 to pay for a Xndr or Lexx production, let alone a dollar to board taxi to the studio.”

He also encouraged artistes to swallow their pride and work towards building a sustainable industry which can proudly compete at continental level and said corporates would only engage after we sorted ourselves out.



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