Let’s Share These Thoughts

Let’s Share Some Thoughts


Human beings love to know. There is an insecurity associated with not knowing. We simply want to have answers to every question. I guess it is our nature to be thus. However sometimes we do not have the answers at all and we feel uneasy and unsure till we decide to create stories to fill the gap of not knowing.

That’s why the Greek believed the sky was held by a god called Atlas and people thought tooth ache was caused by a worm. They had no answers then or technology to figure it out but they still provided the answers. The problem was the answers filled the gap of not knowing with lies.

How much would it hurt us if we admitted that we did not know? With so many religions out there, someone is lying and no don’t tell me everyone is right, because everyone is in disagreement. Touchy topic I won’t dive deep into that but…

Imagine if false prophets and pseudo-traditional healers didn’t divide family relations by having answers to every family problem and blaming relatives for being witches when someone is clearly dying of TB.

What do you think you know? Are you sure it’s not made up?

Are you ready to admit what you don’t know?


So many things important and trivial attract our attention today. Attention is becoming a commodity because your loved one is asking for it, there are Facebook and Whatsapp notifications to respond to and your twitter is blowing up.

You are exposed to an ever increasing network of casual friendships all of which need attention (or not). How do you supply your energy to the engagements that matter?

Sure you could give attention to the story about Jay Z getting bashed by Solange in an elevator if that makes you a better person. Sure you can expend your day arguing about why Hip-hop is not as prominent as dancehall on Facebook walls if you’re cool with being stagnant.

Are you paying attention to personal growth and real immediate relationships in your life? Do you know the value of attention? How much of it do you give to key issues? There is not much of it to spare.


Do you immediately see a weed smoker when you see someone in dreadlocks?


Okay perhaps you’re one of those people that have concluded that female models are loose, step-mothers are cruel and people with pot-bellies are rich. It holds a degree of truth in your mind because perhaps most of the people in each group represent the trait, but it surely does not mean they are who you think they are. Not everyone in that category may necessarily fall into your perception of them.

Profiling is a deep societal problem. We create shoes for people to fit in without asking if they like those shoes. When they cannot fit into them we say they are wrong.

Yes, a cat enters a relationship with a dog hoping he can purr too. She tries to stop him from barking. She really loves everything about him except the barking. We want people to be like what we want them to be.

He has four legs, she has four legs

He has fur, she has fur

She sees him and concludes he should be able to purr too. When he fails to purr he has done her wrong.

Let’s make the human analogy.

In human life relatives hear your job description and automatically assume you earn thousands of dollars. They consistently ask you for money and when you tell them genuinely that you’re broke too they conclude that you have no love for them. They never care to find out your situation before financially profiling you. They want to tell you what you should have done and where you could be. They also base what you should be on what another human being is.

The thing is they think they have the Knowledge of who you are but you shouldn’t let their Profiling get to you, it’s not worth your Attention.

If you read to the end of this article thank you for your attention. Feel free to hit me up on twitter @Mcpotar.


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