Let’s RUTHLESSLY Take Hip-hop To It’s Destination Zimbabwe.

3 years from now Zimbabwean hip-hop is going in a new direction because it already is setting a new pace. There may be several critiques here and there but even Oliver Mutukudzi  took a while to be accepted into the mainstream. There will always be some form of resistance when a new thing is emerging.

Hip-hop faces a lot of criticism in Zimbabwe from outside Zim Hip-hop and from within itself. It generally is always trying to compete with Zim Dancehall which commercially is now eons ahead in terms of commercial success, reach and acceptance in Zimbabwe. However, both arts emerge from the same roots if you really read your history and I think the value of Hip-hop as a culture is determined by any of the factors I pointed out. If a Christian went to Asia where that belief is not widespread, the value of Christianity to him wouldn’t reduce because there are 5 in 100 people who believed in Jesus Christ. It would otherwise make him stronger.

If you know what the culture of hip-hop is and it wasn’t just handed to you as an image by pop culture you will realize that all that jealousy over Zim Dancehall and competitive thinking is not really necessary. Every individual just has to live their reality without envying or trying to copy another mans reality. You should have an identity. Do not be the kid who wants a pair of new socks because the kid next door got a new pair of socks. Don’t complain, act. If you’re seeing the darkness in hip-hop light a candle.

There are many things of course dancehall has that we don’t and many things we do best that they don’t. Let’s perfect those and package them and by so doing our value will be seen by the world. David didn’t go to God and say, “But God, you didn’t give me a stick like Moses”. No the stick was for moses, in a s much as certain gifts have been put in dancehall. David was supposed to use the sling, David was a poet … do you see where am getting at. We have our strengths a s a genre but have spent 80% of our time looking at what others are doing and 20% on what we are good at.

The reason we are looking at dancehall with envy today is because they invest 80% in the strengths that hold them as a culture and then 20% perhaps on crying about setbacks, fights with managers, weed and prostitutes. You get my point.  Now I want every Hip-hop artiste reading this to understand that growing Hip-hop in Zimbabwe is not the sole job of influencers.

If you don’t have any girls to chat to on Whatsapp and a job don’t go on facebook and be a cry baby about how MMT has disappointed you versus Zim dancehall because they are on VEVO today. They have pushed their own rock but Zim hip-hop is a collective culture. You too have a role. Don’t tell me about how tehn Diamond videos are not on MTV Base when you don’t even have a video on ZBC or Youtube. If you are not doing it, why should Tehn do it? If you are not using your page to talk about my release when it’s out, because we all trying to wing, why should I be the one to talk about yours?

The day that we shift our energy from being dependents in the game and start pushinmg ourselves and others we win. The basic rules are just.

If you see something that you feel must change, perhaps you feel we are doing it wrong. Don’t just attack us, expose us by going ahead to do it the right way. – In other words if I’m blogging wrong or if you feel I’m biased towards so and so. It is simple. Start a website too and start reviewing others, don’t be biased and if you can pull that off. That’s good for hip-hop, but if you’ve never run a blog. STFU because you know little about it, period.

If you feel like Zim videos are wack, go and make a video for your song and let’s see it on VEVO too. If you don’t have the capacity, why should other rappers be any different?

If you are not making money from your own hussle in hip-hop because there are many revenue models and no one can tell you theirs. It doesn’t mean everyone is not making money like you. Stop exposing your brokenness live on Facebook by claiming that no one is eating from Hip-hop. Definitely no one is making Kendrick money, but I can confirm many eat as muchas a regular worker of a good job and no one in Zim walks with their salaries on their forehead. It is only westernized countries and things like Forbes that make people believe a celebrity’s wealth should be public knowledge.

If you are not sure about whether you love hip-hop or whatever is trending, do not annoy us with talk about leaving Hip-hop to produce other stuff or leaving the country or how better other countries are at Hip-hop. STFU and leave anyway, we wont notice at all and if you’re not an influencer we don’t give a damn. We have stuff to do mayne. Guys go and produce House, Electro, Naija style sound, dancehall and whatever makes you win but when you’re leaving Hip-hop please don’t disrespect it cause no one invited you to this.

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