Leaked Conversation : Whitney Cash and Mcpotar

So many goes down under wraps in the Whatsapp world, sometimes you chat with snitches and they expose you to the blood thirsty streets to point out the torn parts of your undergarments. However, not all that is under wraps is evil information. – I had my personal interview with Whitney Cash and I had to put up this headline for you lovers of things…. likers of nyayas… rumour mongers and genuinely interested fans of the culture.

From here-on my questions are in bold, her responses are in normal text and my silly side-thoughts are in italics. She wasn’t presented with the italicized thoughts.

Who is Whitney Cash on stage, who is he off stage?

I don’t change, I don’t have split personalities, what you see is what you get from me on and off stage…I’m an extremely insane individual who possess godly qualities but has a distinctly creative and spontaneous naughty side.

(At this point I was of course tempted to explore her naughty side, but that would disrupt the interview. It is not daily that you get a one on one with a queen like this)

Awesome description (especially on spontaneous naughty side – I particularly moved in my chair). Tell me your journey before “Wanna Be” . 

Was recording but nothing felt good enough to release so had to find the right sound and crew.

How do you feel about the comparisons made between you and fellow female rappers? Do you think it’s healthy or you think it’s unproductive for fans to do? (Be politically correct – It’s a trap!!! – We the media)

It’s a very good thing because it shows that we have an audience that actually listens, it takes a lot to make a comparison… I feed off the comparison because I always aim at being better so it’s encouraging really.

(You were very clever)

Who would you say has done well in Zim Hiphop in the first quarter of the year, besides yourself?

I believe Fun_F is causing waves he has released a lot and is getting the attention that he deserves and the fans have a lot to look forward to in regard to him.

 So what does a girl like Whitney dress in on a weekend? What’s her signature dress-code?

It really depends on the occasion but if it’s me at home I’m chilling in a jumper and a tee.

Who are your early influences in music and who are the current ones?

Surprisingly tony Braxton, Beyonce, Sisqo and Joe Thomas….currently Kendrick Lamar, J Holiday and Foxy Brown.

Do you do any other thing outside of music?

Yes I’m an academic will be pursuing a masters degree soon also an entrepreneur with business projects on the way.

What did you study and what business ventures are you pushing? ( *Grabs pen and pad to BORROW new ideas… since blogging has failed.*)

Lol I don’t want to jinx anything yet so i’ll leave it at that.

(Whyyyyyy!!!!! – better luck with next artiste I guess)

Is Whitney cash married or planning to get married anytime soon?

Hahaha marriage is not the 1st thing on my mind but when it does happen it would be a gift from God.

 Mcpotar.Com is celebrating it’s 3rd year in Hip-hop Blogging. Are there any words you would like to say to  the people running the blog? (It’s obviously positive, what else would she have said really? – You suck?)

To build a successful music industry it not only takes the producers and the artists but the journalists and bloggers aswell, doing a great job by supporting hip hop and spreading it globally…your efforts are well appreciated.

Thank you. Will find time to publish this sometime this week. (and that’s what I said 3 weeks ago… I am a man of my word)


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