Krimz Beatz ft Sinbad90 – Boys Remukute – A Great Hip-hop Offering

The 2014 ZHHA Nominee Sindbad90, has featured on a Krimz Beatz production entitled Boyz Remukute in which he drops bars that rep his city Kadoma, which is known for the gold found beneath it. I understand the title Boyz ReMukute is related to the gold hustle. Sinbad calls it “golden city” in the intro. All I can say is we have a hit here, no second guessing.

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The first few lines are sick, and the beat is something you can bump to. The lyrics are dominantly shona, which Sinbad90 is very fluent in, making it an undoubtedly awesome song. Sinbad brags about how he is able to turn rocks into paper that he spends with some of the most beautiful girls. He basically uses a braggadocio theme in this song. He is either throwing a line to salute his hometown, his ability to make money or his lyrics.

“Zora butter, chingwa che Aroma,
Pedzera matsaga, the beat boora ngoma,
Ndok’ratidza ma streets ema hustler pa Kadoma,
Nema rappers ari sick, arikurwara’ aripa coma…”

I mean the hook is very catchy and hopefully can become an anthem for Kadoma , Zvishavane and Kwekwe youth as they live under the same hustle. Mining towns in general should identify this offering as theirs. Metaphorically any resource that makes your city shine, is a lso your “Mukute” so if you do not live in a mining town, you may still rock to this for hustle inspiration. The same way you can listen to Jay-z’s or Pusha T’s rhymes about how they sold crack cocaine but that message can help you study more in your ac ademic hustle and so forth. This is the beauty of the multiple meaning music can have to different indiduals.

Some may question, why Krimz resorted to songs about bragging and money but the DJ argues that, gold panning and gold deals are in fact a reality in Kadoma and it is a well known and widespread fact. He says the Hip-hop he is against is that which brags but yet cannot back it up with proof. His project is similar to something DJ Khaled would do. The songs are his, but the artistes are featured.

This project is part of a Krimz EP project in which he has gotten verses from various Zim Hip-hop acts, such as Noble Stylz, EBurn Mwanamuduku, Sharky and very big names which I will only reveal, when the songs they are on are out. This year should be a great year for Krimz in terms of recognition and progress. Last year he was  very concerned about the state of Hip-hop. You will realize that Sinbad mentions that Zim Hip-hop is tired of the same story line. The same message is carried in Zviroto which was released sometime ago.

Krimz Beatz is one of the best when it comes to DJ’ing, beatmaking and mastering, depending what sound you are looking for. Ikonik Music is fast establishing itself as a force that refuses to be silenced in Zim Hip-hop. Being such a respected individual on the rising underground scene he has trained his ear to identify promising and proven talent to resuscitate a struggling genre. It seems he also is getting radio stations in check…. #NOWTHATZPROGRESS… #BSUNVOICE.

Hip-hop is fast regaining its voice and relevance within itself, with no feuds erupting by the first quarter of the year; we look forward to unexpected alliances. I can confirm that right now there are unions, collaborations and partnerships to occur in the next 3 months that will shock you.

I encourage Sinbad 90 to continue on his lyrical path, no doubt about that. I pray the Krimz project will go to the streets he has always wanted to speak to. It can only be pushed by your re-sharing of this track to your circles. Let’s keep spreading the love of Zim Hip-hop.

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