Krimz Beatz Calls Upon Rappers To Be Real #Zviroto

So DJ Krimz Beatz one of the biggest complainers online has been posting a new hashtag across Facebook recently and I was curious to know what it really is about so I decided to ask him  and he told me that #Zviroto (meaning dreams) is a forthcoming track about how hip hop songs are not about what’s real to artists. (Reminds me of a certain speech by our Honorable President #salute)

Krimz has said that the content in most mainstream hip hop music does not relate to the majority of Zimbabweans as compared to Dancehall tracks which talk about relatable day to day stuff. In other words he is saying, they are doing the equivalent of singing “See Me Now” to blind people. He added that because of this un-relatable content, hip-hop has been performing poorly as it does not catch the interest of the general public except the artists themselves. The artists themselves only download each other to listen to their competition while the real public doesn’t care, as highlighted in Begotten Sun’s Light’s Out last year. “How we gon’ live when the public don’t give a shi*?”

In short Hip-hop is like a church where Pastors are preaching to other pastors while other people are either sinning or attending or joining other religions that address their core needs. How can one surely go and give pamphlets about sanitary pads to men, or… I am quite sure you get it. I hope the song he is promising itself is relatable.

Krimz was very vocal against last year’s Zimbabwe hip hop awards last year, I wonder if there will ever be a time when he is not attacking sections of hip-hop. However his friends and family feel he has his facts spot on and his rants are necessary for the industry

So Krimz Beats on a date to be announced will be producing a song that ridicules what he termed as fake rappers. As soon as I get more details on the song and release dates I will make sure you get that information.


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