Kaysquerd (Bulawayo) – Independent Artist Profile #Zimhiphop

My homeboy from Bulawayo, calls himself Kaysquerd (from K.K- Keith Khoza). i would not have known much about him had I not scrolled through the directory, but well, i happened to and now I am so ready to download some music to see what he’s about.  Read the rest for yourselves…


 Kaysqerd born Keith Khoza in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe but made in Harare with my different experiences of culture it makes Kaysqerd a very diverse MC that can adapt to any style of Hip-hop genre I’m a smoothie,witty,street,optimistic rapper telling my story from coming from the Zim but not succumbing to the negativity around me and my music is to motivate and inspire the young youth to go out get what ever you want but life isn’t just going to give it to you.
 I was born in Bulawayo and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe I developed a love for music when I was young. I was writing, rapping, and free-styling in high school and the hood. My homies, my brother and I formed the group B.H.C and I featured on my homie LK’s mixtape Destroy and Rebuild. I am currently living in Bluffhill Harare where I am still pursuing my music career and employed by as a HR officer for the national broadcaster. I have recently released a mixtape TheHoodwink – squaring infinitely Vol. 1, which is available for free download on http://m.soundcloud.com/keith-khoza. I am about to drop a new collaboration album with my brother The Biz title to be announced. I am open to appearing in articles and available to open for other artists I’m also available to perform at local and regional events. My music can be heard on many underground music internet stations, as well as most local radio stations and clubs, and surrounding areas. follow on Twitter and like on Facebook Kaysqerd.
 #TimePiece http://t.co/CJKWb2H
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