Kata Kata’s Tehn Diamond Diss An Embarrassing Flop

So I waited and waited for days after a certain Mr. Kata Kata dropped a diss to Tehn Diamond. Of course he had hyped that song that week and we were waiting for him to drop bombs, but I guess those who did manage to download the diss record failed to get an eargasm. Maybe the bars were premature. I don’t know.

(To act like he is a G’ and he doesn’t care, Kata might actually paste this link on his wall and tell his circle of followers that people are hating on him. He will also blame Harare for this article yet the writer of this piece does not live there lol) – May we continue?


All I know is a good diss track is characterized by fans going out in numbers on Facebook and twitter to quote and celebrate the punchlines, thereby also challenging the attacked to come back. I mean this even happens with the regular track that’s not made to be a diss record like the 2013 Wake Up Song by MMT. We knew something had happened because there was a shift in the time line, if there is no shift in the general conversation on the timeline, any diss record can safely be regarded as an epic fail.

Over ten years after Ether, there are still citations of it’s bars to this day. Daily people give an insight on what happened. We can also come back home and look at Noble’s diss to MMT and how it modified the discussion topics on twitter even creating a chain reaction of over 7 more disses from different artistes issued to Xndr. Likewise Lights out broke the internet and even the Mudiwa vs Stunner beef had a fair share of of it’s timeline presence.


Okay Was The Beef Justified

Well Kata, put out screenshots of a Twitter conversation that he had with Tehn. Tehn had been listed next to Cal_Vin by someone and Kata had a problem with it. Tehn simply told the dude to create his own list which would exclude Tehn. The logic being that, if to you Munetsi is not in your list for example and someone posts a list that includes Munetsi, instead of complaining about why mU is on the list, just make your own and exclude him. This just shows that Kata Kata is on constant period pains, worse with his zvanhuhwa hashtag, you can tell he is an attention seeker

My analysis

What I can say about the Kata diss is that, he certainly is not a student of the 48 Laws of Power. He picked the wrong opponent. His opponent already has a big following which was ready to reject and fight against anyone who comes at Tehn. It was an automatic lose before he even began. Tehn Diamond has nurtured a strong tribe for many years with adherents who feel that they are part of what he is building. The Bulawayo vs Harare card doesn’t cut it anymore when individuals like Cal_Vin, Navy Seal and P.O.Y have rubbed shoulders with Hararians with no segregation. In fact that card is only flashed by people who will not take responsibility of their own failure in the game.

The only thing that Kata has managed to do however is make us aware of his name because before this we otherwise would have never thought of him. I really wish him well in his art but strongly advise him to observe the laws of power and art of war enough to pick his enemies well.

I guess Kata’s diss is about 1.44 MB because it’s floppy.

Tehn is likely not to reply and if anything this whole issue has brought Tehn’s name back into my timeline. I mean no one was talking about Tehn as much anymore on Facebook. At least not in my timeline.


Let’s spread love in Hip-hop and keep winning. Kata, bettter luck next time.


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