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Karizma has debuted a weekly freestyle session known as Karrizy Mondays today. In the first episode he has collaborated with his friend Yagi Dojo to create a freestyle on J.Cole’s all I want is you instrumental. A very good piece of art.

Karizma is a highly skilled as we have seen through out his projects. It doesn’t change with this record. He manages to tell his story with clarity. I’d say Karizma is one of those rappers who do not try to vex the crowd with too many slant rhymes, pun and poly-syllables. He makes use of those styles in the right propotions but he mainly is straight on and allowing you time to sink the message in. No weak bars on this one.

Karizma says this an opportunity for him to show his rap abilities as a lot of fans cannot yet see past his commercial work. He however says it’s indeed normal for people to behave that way.

“This is like a chance to just drop bars for the fun outside the constraints of project and single schedules.”

Great work. You can download it on the link below.



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