Karizma (@itskarizma) Says He’s Heartbroken By Hip-hop

Karizma has always expressed his heart-breaks in Hip-hop on break-beats. In #NGNGv2 he did that on Dreams So Big, where he cried out about how the people he loved didn’t realize his dream and wished he’d have taken the traditional academic route in life. He also addresses how he has bled for hip-hop through venting his grief on a page.

Well, his new video extends another dimension into his relationship with hip-hop. Apparently she is not what she promised she would be but he is sprung and in too deep. Sometimes he want’s to up and leave but he can’t. She has a hold on his mind.

The video is in gray scale; no special effects. It was directed by Lyflyk, with music produced by EmKay under KYN Records. It is a simple stroll down what looks like a pedestrian bridge along a beautiful bridge in a foreign land. London, I suppose. Perhaps the walk symbolizes the journey he has taken with hip-hop. It’s bar after bar as his snickers touch the sole of foreign pavements. His lyrics likewise touch our souls and make us question ourselves about the dreams we follow. It may not be hip-hop.

Is a dream you have lived for but sometimes you wonder if it loves you back as much? Maybe it’s a person you’ve sacrificed yourself for. Forget that Karizma is talking about hip-hop for a second, any song can be a metaphor of what applies to your life. Which game has been heartless to you.

Some of the lines Karizma exhibits are:

“You never told me it would be this hard,

When you sold me all those pictures of the CD Charts,”

Explanation: The hip-hop industry looks easy on TV, but in reality getting the reach and record sales that our idols garner can be a life long struggle.

“You didn’t tell me you would change me can you see these scars”

Explained; At a certain point you discover the industries flaws through experience. (scars).

“The harder the beat, the more that my heart-aches,

I’m still rapping till dawn about my heart-break.”

Meaning; This line proves what I said at the beginning about Karizma consistently talking about the pain hip-hop has brought about through Hip-hop.

The spectra of meanings to be derived from this piece are broad. You may actually come up with your own interpretation of his work. He probably has his own too.

Please watch the video embedded below and share this post with other Hip-hop heads whilst we await #NGNGv3.

You can also download #NGNFv2 here

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