Karizma And His Love For The Shisha Pipe – (@itskarizma)

UK based Zimbabwean hip-hop artiste Karizma is back with a new single a few months afterhis previous drop. The new song is a Young Nash production titled Shisha Pipe.

A “shisha pipe” is an Arabic jar like object with a pipe used to smoke tobacco or weed. Generally it preserves most of the “good stuff” from being lost and occasionally may filter the unwanted stuff. It basically is an Arabic bong.

In the song Karizma hops onto a laid back ambient instrumental to tell a tale about a girl he likes who happens to enjoy getting high with him in the city.

“She can’t wait to light up my Shisha pipe” the hook echoes.

Karizma starts out his song on a regular Wednesday, chilling out at a certain club when this girl hits him up that she wants to link up. He mentions that this girl is not a person he meets daily but she happens to only call him when she is turn’t.  Perhaps then she is a friend with benefits or she is his partner in crime when it comes to blowing that kush.

Well Karizma’s songs do talk a lot about that “kush” don’t they. So I am not going to assume this girl is coming to light up some tobacco snuff in that hookah. He also is not suggesting that this girl is a hooker… in fact he reveals that he has considered having kids with her and wifing her.

Somehow for now he may just love the good old no commitment fun. No more spoilers. Get the new song on Soundcloud.





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