Juwela Drops New Video With Sensual Dances

One of the singing sensations of the dancehall industry in Zimbabwe, Juwela recently dropped a song titled Zunza for people who love partying. In the video, beautiful damsels “get down” with the boys. It is a sensual song for the progressive Zim Dancehall urbanites. Shot in the ‘burbs.

Though Juwela is good with the dances, she is also talented in song writing and singing. She says, she covers many genres but is mainly passionate about Zim Dancehall.

“I’m an artist..singer/ songwritter and of course I get down in my videos too (laughs).  Popular on the dancehall scene but I’m generally a diverse artist, ” she said.

She says growing up in Chitungwiza nurtured her into the dancehall culture which started making waves in the mainstream in recent years. Hip-hop and Dancehall have always been known to be popular in Chitungwiza, with people like Dhadza D, Sharky and Munetsi coming out from there. So Juwela, caught the culture young before it was mainstream. She also learnt a few dance moves that can get men drooling for her. I wonder if she can handle the pressure.

Other than the life of the party the diva also said, she is passionate about subjects on love, child and gender abuse. These are very crucial subjects in the society of today with the staggering domestic violence statistics of reported cases going up each year. Her involvement with these areas creates a balance between party life and real conscious issues.

Juwela said she appreciates her friends and family for supporting her in her musical career. She also gave shout outs to he manager, Monalisa Chishato and producer JMP (Jeepers Mad Producer). These are the people that have walked with her in her journey.

Please watch her video below.

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