Jungle Kid Drops – Ice Cream Yemoto

Towards the end of January, the Houz of Hunger rap icon Jungle Kid blessed us with 2 magnificent tracks. One titled “Ice Cream Yemoto” and another one, “Dombo”. I must say Zim Hip-hop was lit this month with releases from all over the country, compared to the same time last year when very little was done in the first quarter.

This reminds of the “mudzimu yapa kaviri” era, when Sharky dropped 2 bombs early last year. It seems every year there’s a King putting “2 yolks” per egg – Extra Large style.

Ice Cream Yemoto was produced by Pepzee and Teeboy.

Ice Cream Yemoto.

“Ice Cream Yemoto has a Munetsi inspired hook…I changed the “Mhofu vanoshama ” to “Jungle anoshama”…. the verses prove I am rap genius, vernac rap god…..I was jus try’na prove that….Bango inspired…” – The artist said during an online interview.

Ice Cream yemoto is fashioned with witty syllable play as usual and nobody does it like Jungle locally when it comes to that style. I believe he is a syllable virtuoso with hot bars. The title Ice Cream yemoto is humourous as it is an oxymoron. Moto is fire in Shona and fire and ice can’t possibly be on the same object. I guess what he means is that he will burn any rappers that are trying to eat him.

“On dombo It was about reppin my City, paintin a picture of the Great Zim ruins…and also braggadocio…self-praise….  its more an introduction to the Stone City..Dzimbabwe” – He said.

Dombo is more a dedication to Masvingo where the house of stone is built (i.e The Great Zimbabwe). Jungle always speaks of his city with such pride. I love it when he does that because it shows that he is proud to be Zimbabwean.

Download Dombo Here

Download Ice Cream Yemoto Here

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