Jobs In Zimbabwe – Where To Look

The job situation in Zimbabwe has been terrible for a while, but complaining will not put salaries in our accounts. The best solution against darkness is never to rant, it’s to light a candle. So here we are, all grown up as a nation, our graduates seem to have few places to go, but what could be the solution.


Farming will never run out of relevance in any Economy. As long as the continent is starving it means there is a huge unmet demand of agricultural produce. Agriculture has always been one of the best ways money is raised. If you have land, no matter what degree you did don’t hesitate to inest time or labour into farm produce you can sell. Perishables like tomatoes, carrots and onions are bought daily. farming is not only for white haired people. If you have access to land, do it.


Selling ZESA Pre-paid Electricity

Yes we know ZESA is consumed slowly nowadays, but you can never under-estimate the power of any amount you get. Strategically plant yourself in an area were the next place Cashpower credits are bought and cash in. There is always someone who needs to top up and if people are making a living off Ecocash already, why not. Electricity, like farm produce is a commodity. It never goes wrong.


If you are already good at photography, try it out commercially. Those who want to learn may learn to. In the ever changing Zimbabwe, more and more people want to capture their best moment using high-end camera’s. You may take pictures of weddings, strategically plant yourself in tourist resorts or take corporate events. I have a friend who bought a Mercedes Benz, renovated his moms crib and travels around the globe off this thing.

Sell Energy Products

The absense of electricity brings about the opportunity to sell energy products. Research on what’s new consistently so that you can sell it. People are prepared to pay money for products that can help them ease off the ZESA problem. Solar Panels, Generators, Power banks and so forth. In Zimbabwe it doesn’t matter who’s doing it already.

Google Adsense

You can make lots of money by writing high end content and placing it on websites such as this. There is a program known as Google Adsense and if you invest in the right strategies you can earn a lot f money per month and live on it. To get consultancy on this one you can contact me on +263774448619. I charge for consultancy on this and have actual case studies.

Some will ask, how all this is viable since it needs money. I will say however, if you raised money in the same environment for 4 years to make every semester possible. You can invest in money to make your chosen business possible.

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