Jay Mashaire – (RnB Artiste) Gives Us Insights On “True Love”

[6:04pm, 8/2/2014] Jay Mashaire: Since I started to write relationship advice, the most asked question I get is ‘How do you know it is TRUE LOVE’ Well, I have many answers which I will be giving, one each day starting with this one.


1. TRUE LOVE is where you and your partner are not ashamed to show that you love each other. Trust me, it is a big step to come out in the open and acknowledge someone as your one and only. You are not concerned with what pple say abt ur partner or relationship. If you still saying kuti ‘Handidi kunzi ndakaperera’ then you are definately not ready for real love, or real commitment. Dont waste smeone’s time if you are not ready to love them fully and make them part of your everything. When pple see you, they should also see or think abt your partner coz you have made each other inseparable.

We learn TRUE LOVE on the cross, Jesus Christ publicly died for us..so if you are not ready to openly show that you love someone, then what you have is something i chose to call ‘ Convenience Typa Love’.

Are you ready to give good love?

[6:04pm, 8/2/2014] Jay Mashaire: 2. TRUE LOVE

Is where you are willing to learn someones strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, the good and the bad..you want to know this stuff for purely positive reasons..To help them face their downside and maximise on their upsides.

I’ve seen couples using the knowledge they acquire abt their partner to their selfish advantage and unfair. For example, you know ur partner is a jealous person abt you, when you fight over some issue, you try to get back to him or her by exposing him or her to his weaknesses and dislikes maybe by intentionally making your partner feel jealous thru avoiding him and openly giving that time to other pple. Wen u see ur partner always pulling this stunt of using ur weaknesses as a weapon agnst you, then I say to you, real love dsnt exist there

What you truly love, you protect from any kind of harm, whether physical, emotional. The only being that uses our weaknesses agnst us is the devil, dnt be the devil in ur relationship.

Choose to Love Truly [6:05pm, 8/2/2014] Jay Mashaire: 3. True Love.

When someone loves you for real, then they will always want the best for you which means a true lover is fully SUPPORTIVE of your dreams. Why? Because wen u are in love, your plans become your partner’s plans too so you dnt get jealous of ur lover’s success, rather you celebrate at it.

Many of us are afraid of our partners being successful, maybe becoz you feel if they get to a higher level in life they will leave or dump you. If they leave you or start treating you badly or cheating becoz they have a new better job, new car etc then they never really loved you.

True love makes you wanna share ur success with your partner and not abandon him/her coz of success.

Start being more supportive of their dreams, be the positive voice that keeps them going, dnt be sarcastic wen they aim for big goals, motivate, advise and build each other. You hve no clue wat someone can achieve when being inspired by someone they love, coz love is that powerful.

True love is SUPPORTIVE!


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