Janet Manyowa’s 8 ZIMA Nominations And What We Can Learn From Her

Recently our friends at Zimbuzz (the fastest rising entertainment blog) published the nominations list for Zimbabwe Music Awards 2016. As I went down the list I realized that Janet Manyowa had 8 nominations on that list and it didn’t come as a shock to me because they were well deserved.

Category  Award Nominated For
Best collaboration  Janet Manyowa ft pastor Mahendere
Best Contemporary Gospel Music Janet Manyowa – King Of Glory
Best Single Janet Manyowa – Ndomira Pamuri
Album of the year Janet Manyowa – King Of Glory
Song Of The Year Janet Manyowa – Ndomira Pamuri
Best Video Janet Manyowa Ndomira Pamuri / Andy Cutta
Best Female Artiste Janet Manyowa
Best Newcomer Janet Manyowa

I like successful people and instead of naysay about why they shouldn’t be where they are I actually sit down and observe what they could be doing right. Definitely 8 Nomination means someone is doing something right doesn’t it?


First and foremost before any product, Janet Manyowa is exceptionally talented and this is not only her God given gift, but she has invested hours in nurturing it. To have talent is one thing but it cannot reach these peaks without practice. Janet has been blessed with a melodious voice indeed.

Family Support

Janet Manyowa’s manager is her spouse, Mr. Munyaradzi Manyowa. He is very passionate about pushing his wife’s ministry to the next level as the head of the house. The lesson we can derive here is that spouses should support each other in their goals and actually take the forefront to push what the better half is doing. This message applies beyond music. Your family member, spouse or friend may be pursuing something that is usually hard to do.

It is no secret that music in Zimbabwe is hard to succeed in so most families do not support family members in the name of “what’s best for you”.  On the other hand there is a gender issue where men marry song birds and insecurity makes them fear that their wives will abandon them when they reach stardom. Well gentlemen, be part of the journey and don’t disturb God’s purpose.


I believe the reason Janet Manyowa as a brand has invested so much into her brand is not so much for us to glorify her. All the praise we give in this article all points back to the Jesus Christ she serves because this is the God she professes. She already has a purpose so it will be provided for by God because she was chosen as a messenger to speak to the masses. 8 Nominations is a testimony to say, Christians can do this…. You can do it without controversy, club anthems or selling sexual messages.

She has kept a humble profile for the most part but I couldn’t hep but write this. 8 Nominations?


Her Album covers, portfolios and press kits are high end. Her CD’s are not on the regular writable white surface CD’s most artistes use. They are stamped in the same format you would see a Sony Records, BMG or Universal CD look. High end, because the message she speaks is High end.

Janet Manyowa ZIMA

Andy Cutta has done most of her videos and we know that Andy (who has 3 nominations) is among Zimbabwe’s finest. The real branding however is her humility, confidence and passion. For you can’t invest that much in music if you have no confidence, purpose and passion. – You simply can’t.

I am saying Yolanda Adams CD and Janet Manyowa’s in terms of quality are not divorced.


I am an early adopter of Janet Manyowa’s soud, she rose slowly. I’m sure she was singing way before I knew about her but I will say when I heard her at first she was fairly unknown. I began to see her invest in presence on i-tunes, a website, great videos and performances and I believe because of the purpose she had to begin somewhere.

Begin somewhere ladies and gentleman. There is a place for you in whatever you have a passion for don’t let anyone steal your dream.

Note To Janet

We as the media cling on to anything that is news-worthy. Keep giving us the negative and i pray you never get trapped into trivia outside of your purpose that may tempt journalists to assassinate this brand identity you have it’s powerful.

Keep asking God for strenghth for even he knows that what is said about you may make or break the ministry. Let’s march.

Find out more about her on her website : www.janetmanyowamusic.com

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