Jae Mac (JaeMacBeatz) Blasts At Zim Hip-hop For Duplicating Concepts

MacAfter Junior Browns hit single, Phil Chiyangwa, which was done for a very high profile business man and politician, there have been many offerings based on high profile people. It is as if Junior Brown created the Blue Print for a new trend that would sweep Zim Hip-hop in as much as he probably did with Ma Drinks which saw last years average playlist flooded with songs about alcohol. Jae Mac has pointed out this issue in a status update on Facebook and went on to say that he does not care who will hate him for it.

“Here is my problem with “Zim HipHop” and just ZIm people in general.its like we are lazy to think and come up with new ideas and our own concepts..So Junior Brown did a song called “Phil Chiyangwa” which was a radio hit,i think.now some rappers think usin that same concept and just pluggin in different names gon automatically give em a hit.that ish dont work! i see theres been songs like “Bona Mugabe”, “Supa Mandiwanzira”, “Sir Wicknell” “Pokello” etc …i personally think thats the lamest thing one could ever do..get your own concept,build on it and come up with something we’ve never heard or seen before..to be honest i havent even bothered to listen to the songs that came after “Phil Chiyangwa”..and if im correct,the “Phil Chiyangwa” song was strategically planned and if im not mistaken Phil wacho even endorsed the song..now these other songs that came after mmmmm..i dont even think a person like Bona Mugabe will even bother to listen to the song and find out what its all abou..dont get me wrong,your song might actually be good but APPROACH! dont js plug in a name just for the sake of it. STOP IT!!

Same thing with the Youth Fund/Loans that the Govt was offering..75%+ of the proposals where for poultry and they had to turn most of em down coz errbody wanted to do the same thing.the Govt was even disheartened by that..im guessing people were js like “huku dzine mari so thats what umma do” ..Just because the next person is doin huku and makin money dont mean its also goin tobe your lane ka..why cant u say ok,the huku lane has been taken,lemme come up with something that no one else is doin.u actually stand a better chance of making it coz there wont be any market satuation. but NO,everyone wants to do the same thing.they just wanna copy and paste…dont be a carbon copy of someone else..THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!

#RealTalk! hate me for sain the truth? #DontCare” – Jae Mac

Obviously a lot of people will be offended by the young producer but from knowing him in person I’ve learnt that he holds certain opinions and just doesn’t care who is offended. To a certain degree I agree with him on this one, which is quite unusual when we are speaking of Jae Mac. Other people who commented felt that he was off when he specifically criticized Zim Hip-hop yet imitation is widespread in Hip-hop across the world. Well I guess his points still stand though. I personally have always thought the young guy criticizes Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean things a little too much but for this one, I will give him a hats off.thought  His analogy of Zim Youth Loans gives a clearer picture and if you’d like a stake in the comments of the status you can link to it on the link I will place below.

Link Up with him here : http://www.facebook.com/joshmacony

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