Jae Mac (Hip-hop Producer) – Moving Mountains And Representing Zim Hip-hop

Joshua Makoni, popularly known in hip-hop circles as Jae Mac is a beat maker with great business acumen. He is also a maestro when it comes to using social media to promote his beats. He has done beats for Kapital K, Navy Seal, Nox and Ill Icey among Zimbabwean acts. He has also been working with artists from across planet Earth via social media. Perhaps his next level will be aliens.

He currently is based in South Africa and recently dropped a single by a Nigerian artiste called Wumi who has appreciated Jae Mac’s offerings from 2012. The song moving on is motivational and empowers anyone who feels discouraged by nay say from people. The cover art showing high buildings of large city to me represents how we can float above the hustles of the city and haters. Jae Mac has himself soared above these heights given that he is from a small town but is mentioned as much as big city names.

Wumi Spell – Moving On Produced by Jae Mac

He has on his social media accounts been talking about major deals with artistes from out of the country and I think he has applied himself and worked smart. From how I see it, these deals involve bigger money than average Zimbabwean producers would ever earn. In fact when he released the Yeahho beat early this year, my Family Business failed to get it for an artist as there were a lot of bidders across the globe, and business being business, our proposition was low.  This makes Jae Mac an international export and also means he is on demand. He is beginning to score more deals all because of his application of business ethic and good use of networking. His competition may be seen somewhere on social media arguing about who’s better Few Kings or MMT, Zim -Dancehall or Zim Hip-hop but I really urge them to follow the footsteps of this man and build fruitful relations, be engaged in fruitful posts and learn about prospecting for people who want beats on social media.

In early 2012 he would release free beats and still does, this method has pushed him much as it has given him visibility. Over time these small actions count when you offer full rights to the beat for a charge. Most producers drop beats but forget to propose unique rights to the beat at a price. Jae Mac is well versed in music industry law, and perhaps working with different nationalities widened his eyes on how one may be swindled. The business side of music is lacking from many a producer and Josh is a pure example of a trend that should be embraced. I do not suggest that he knows all, but he knows enough to be able to sell beats without being exploited.

We should be expecting new work from the producer in June and perhaps a nomination at ZHHA this time since he has been putting in work strategically, if the public agrees it’s dope. In the meantime, let’s download Moving On by Wumi (Produced by Jae Mac Beatz). Jae Mac I encourage you to keep moving mountains.

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