J.Dumza x VIC Jita – Vibe They Loving (@JayDumza x @VicWorldwide)

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If you’re part of Bulawayo Hip-hop circles you probably have seen the use of the #VibeTheyLoving hashtag. I’m sure Asaph had it for a while and if you haven’t well V.T.L as they like to abbreviate it is a hip-hop song that Dumi and V.I.C collaborated on.
I asked them what the “they” in VTL means when I linked up with the two and they said they were referring to trendy people that stay hip. In a capsule that’s what the song really is for. The girls and dudes that know how to boot and wer the latest swag. This kind of vibe (brought by Dumi and V.I.C) is the type of groove they are on.
“We decided to make this one for people who are worried about nothing.” – V.I.C
The party rangers were definitely the best people to come through with this concept as they have been known to throw various parties or “Small turn-ups” as they would like to call them.
“We usually throw small turn ups with our friends and surprisingly the whole hood flocks in.” – @JayDumza
Now having lived in Bulawayo for over 20 years I kind of relate to the vibe they are talking about It’s far different from the flamboyant show off turn ups in Harare. Now it definitely is more social with little to do with the class. This is in everyday lifestyle for these young kings who are trying to live a strifeless life. Inspired by Pro Verb, Pro Kid, HHP and a lot of Kwaito in their early career. Their sound is a mixture of “kasi” and mordern rap tunes.
“The subject matter we carry is still street but the sound is ore hip. People relate easily to that these days.” – @VicWorldWide
They have made a couple of performances at Horizon Magazine Launches, Holfest and NUST among other places.

Do check out their new offering.


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