J.Dot Furious As The Hitmen Fail To Remove Tag On His Beat on “Ventilation”

It’s war-time in Zim Hip-hop, I’m not sure perhaps dudes took the “We Own August” thing side-ways because rivalry has erupted surrounding the new song by Cashbid Ventilation, which took jibes at a few dudes. However now the producers involved in the making of that track are having a scuffle.

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J.Dot is the original producer of the Ventilation instrumental used by Cashbid to trash what he terms as fake emcees. The Ventilation song dropped Friday 21 August , 2015 and J.Dot was not aware that The Hitmen had placed their tag on his instrumental, claiming that they had a right to do so as they had recorded the song.

Rayo, the main Hitmen producer called, J.Dot childish for pestering him over a tag on a beat earlier when Cashbid had asked him to remove it. According to Rayo Sibanda it is a well known fact, that all music recorded at Hitmen must contain his tag whether he produced the beat or not. Of course J.Dot is very infuriated by this as he fears he will not get his recognition for the best diss track to come out of August. J.Dot does not believe that meta tags alone do justice to a song.

“But J.Dot why is he being so Childish? Every Song I work on I put a tag so obvious,” He says in a chat revealed chat. These are all actual facts.

“Err’thang I record, mix and master I put our tag. He made the beat yes, but he didn’t produce the song alone,” Rayo said, when Cashbid pleaded with him to remove the tag prior to release.

Cashbid revealed that, he wasn’t cool with the tag as well but could not disappoint his fans who were waiting for the song which has been promoted. Somehow he decided to post it and later Rayo said he had finally decided to comply with Cashbid’s plea and remove the tag, however he could not remover the tag because he had installed Windows 10. Facts only

Now J.Dot is mad about this issue. I do not know what he plans to do next but he feels his work has been crapped on. As an artiste who largely subcontracts Rayo for beats I would like them to sort out their differences on Ventilation and in fact just learn to know each other’s boundaries. Respecting people will work in favour of The Hitmen and not against them. If anything, Rayo should have put his tag on Gigi La Maynes “Ice Cream” since he insists that his tag is on all work he makes, but of course he claims he didn’t do so as he is part of Mixmasters.

What I can only see from that is that Rayo respects Shayzar (and we all should) but doesn’t treat J.Dot the same. Though we may not know J.Dot as wide as Shayzar, his terms and conditions on his beats should be respected in future.

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