Ishy X Drops – Mwari Ve Rap

If you bumped to Eminem’s – Rap God,  you’d be a hypocrite to sleep on Ishy X – Mwari ve Rap on the basis of the provocative title. The punchline king tears apart a McLyne beat, mixed and mastered by Cymplex. He rides in alone in this one but you can hear Foster in the intro giving him the go ahead to take it apart.

Hardcore Shona lyricism, puns, alliterations, metaphors and every device you can practically think of in this 4:29 min song with dope lyrics.

For those Christians who may find “Mwari ve Rap” blasphemous I have decided to cite from Jesus Christ (whom you follow) that it’s totally okay.

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘? – John 10:34

and of course Jesus was citing the verse below…

“I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’ – Psalms 82:6

The concept of being a “god” is misunderstood and has been used by artistes such as Eminem, Kanye West and various conscious artistes. Some of these have been misunderstood , disinformation and malicious information about the occult has been purposefully planted in so called “underground media” to derail our confidence in our God given abilities.  It is more about supremacy and celebrating human ability than it is about narcissism and i think Ishy X here is saying that lyrically he creates exceptionally like a god. Well tat’s another debate… but anyone who uses logic has understood.

The rapper takes this opportunity to respond to nay-say by various fans and hip-hop heads who criticized the punchline kings for slacking and for their content in their album last year.  Tou can get the Punchline Kings album here.

As with all Ishy X tracks the punchlines hardness comes in ascending order, so they go from ayt to diabolic. The flow is wicked.


With puns  like
“Wati uri bho?/ Ini ndiri Arrow”

“Ndovagadzika mu Dish kuita kunge LNB”

“Tengesai ma records, tengesai sa Judas”

“Vision yangu iri clear, bhodhoro re cherikoff,”

The king is still quite awesome at bars. The Zim Hip-hop Awards battle didn’t shake him none. After-all it’s all sport and hip-hop and iron sharpens iron in this game. I am not sure if Ti Gonzi and Ishy X still have that lyrical feud on but best believe Mwari Ve Rap is top notch.

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