Ishy X and Foster Talk About Ma Bhero

Ishy X and Foster, popularly known to most as the punchline Kings dropped a “Banger” whilst I was away fixing the website. The soul of their creative talent lies in hard metaphors and punchlines and in this case they used them to deliver a concept about what is known as mabhero. Please download the song below



For those who don’t know what a “Bhero” is, well a bhero is simply 2nd hand clothes. As the economy got tougher in Zimbabwe, clothes rejected by first world kids were shipped into Mozambique and such and such and were resold to Zimbabwe and other African countries. Some choose to call it “kotamai” and I doubt if there are any individuals who have never bought those. They are quite affordable, You can get an original Van Hussein shirt for about a dollar if you search deep enough.

In this song Ishy X and Foster act out the role of vendors who are selling this merchandise and even making future orders. They even rope in their respected producer Xndr into the concept  at the end of the song. Creative.


This is definitely a relevant song in the time we live in as it addresses the legal hustle without shame. They are not glorifying crime but they are encouraging hard work to be put in.


The delivery is on point as it complements the beat. I had no trouble getting the message and I enjoyed it the whole time. The punch line kings have maintained their prowess. I have known Ishy X to drop hot bars for a long time but with the stereotypes given to Rehab Artistes one would doubt that these guys bury emcees./They do however. Not all Rehab material is turn up after-all.

My Rating

I give the song a 7/10 rating.

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