Is This One In Your Recycle Bin or your Playlist?

It hass always good to step out of your comfort zone playlist to try new music. I know that’s hard these days because new music is always coming out so much we’ve all probably decided to pick out a few favourite artistes to look out for.

With that said, I believe that once in a while to shake things up a bit we need to go back to the pool and fish it new talent. Not too many individuals but at least enough to break the monotony in the old playlist.

So today I introduce you to the Music of Maxy Jay. A Zimbabwean Hip-hop artist who released an Ep sometime ago titled My Story. He collaborated with Mclyne, Yung Adonis, Sharky,Tanic and Vic Enlisted to serve us this EP.

The EP kicks off with a track called Bho!

A great track. Quite Didactic as it reveals his conscious thoughts, his faith and a message of hope and positivity. You can hear Sharky in the second verse as well and the production is beautiful. There are a few glitches on the chorus vocals and we hope that is a thing he will work on more and more to have more vocal control.

Next on the project is a song called Difficult, produced by Yung Adonis.

I could tell the Yung Adonis involvement because of the autotune. I personally am not a big fan of autotune but I’m sure an audience that enjoys it may be reading so let me focus on other aspects of the song.

The subject matter is relatable. Everyone goes through relationship problems once in a while and has that one person they may miss. The lyrics are good in between verses. Again I am not in love with the chorus execution though I love how it’s written.

The third joint on the EP is titled Kwamuri. It is produced by Tanic.

He returns back to didactic and spiritual lyrics in this one. So far in fact I would say he is a “reality” rapper. Given that we can establish that 60% of the album is based on real life things by track 3.

Fourth joint…. Out Here (prod. Vic Enlisted)

Finally a song about the paper but in a very realistic and relatable manner. I have yet to see the rap that rap-critics say is not authentic.

I like the sound of this one. The flow and the delivery is melodious. If he is to do an album he should definitely apply this format to a large chunk of the album.

Final Track.

I leave this one for you to judge in the comments. Because almost everyone relates to it, it’s called “Momz Vangu”. I can never spoil your take on such a thoughtful  and sentimentalsong by giving my bias.

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