Is mUnetsi Still The Freestyle King Of Zimbawe?

At age 13, Zimbabwe’s propaganda machinery under Professor Jonathan Moyo constructed a bill which obliged state media to play 75% local content. Of course this was for the government to “de-westernize” our minds and pave a way for them to infiltrate us with songs that would fill us in on the revolution and independence of Zimbabwe. This would make us get used to and justify the land reform which is nicknamed the 3rd Chimurenga.

And of course, it would then insinuate that patriotism and supporting Zanu PF were synonymous.  However it made our music rise. The urban culture that is. We can forever be grateful to the professor for that.

Wait a minute, are you on the right page? You cliked “Is Munetsi Still The Freestyle King of Zimbabwe?” Why are we now talking about Zanu PF, landgrabs and what not?Have I lost the plot (like white farmers)? – Pun intended

Not really. I am just saying, at age 13 after that bill was passed a lot of local Hip-hop rose in the country but was dubbed urban grooves. The term urban grooves really came from a collective compilation called Future which featured both RnB and Hiphop artistes such as David Chifunyise, King Pinn and Plaxedes wenyika.

I believe it was a Galaxy (Step-Aside) production by Delani Makhalima and well in those days, galaxy had monopoly on radio. It was only Power FM at the time that could play music such as “hip-hop” which was frowned upon as “wanna-be” or “salad”. Remember being called sald was a diss before XQ made a song to pride himself as one. Now it’s more a compliment.


So on the other side of the city was Phathood, the Maskiri’s, Munetsi’, Action Jacksons, Mr Cee’s and so forth and they too emerged and challenged the unfairness of radio play. Yes, the airplay battle is not new. It’s always about people playing their friends labels when they get platforms and such.

I got introduced to mUnetsi (previously known as C4 in the 90’s, later was called SVR (Slavery) and now he is back to mUnetsi). Prefers the U capitalized, it’s for Unstoppable. Their movement was such a force. There were a lot of rumours that Munetsi was a killer. Perhaps a few exaggerations here and there.

You know people, even people who had not heard a single of his would nod heads in agreement, because that was cool to say. Cool to do. A lot of group thinking and mass psychology. The name had social proof before Social Media could measure it, becuase there was no social media.

But social networking platforms were actual events and cyphers where beast after beast was defeated. So it is confirmed he was indeed Zimbabwe’sbest freestyle king.

He had various tracks, and later would battle Bulawayo’s Orthodox Six. Many freestyle cats existed in his time, Thought Illektriq (Theme Elohim), Alka Nemo but somehow the rumour in high schools was always and still is. You cannot out-do Munetsi Prime. It cannot happen.

Infallible, unstoppable, unbeatable, a mortal god when it comes to bars and wordplay.

Ti Gonzi this year called out Munetsi, Maskiri and others to battle him and said there was nothing they could do that he cannot do. Ti Gonzi is a 2 time winner of freestyles at Zim Hip-hop awards however where Munetsi does not contest. What does that mean? Is Ti Gonzi best at Zim Hip-hop awards or best in the country?

Those can be two different answers or they can be the same answer.

I personally have met Munetsi and can confirm that the stuff I heard was from the top of the dome. It was sick and unbelievable. His writing pad is his mind. It is second nature for him to come up with syllables so much we have been tempted to think, maybe he writes a lot. He used to pen then he stopped.

Met Maskiri weeks ago he said, Munetsi was exceptional and no one has yet been to his levels of intellect lyrically. See a Munetsi freestyle is not just rhyming words.

Africa Stand Up verse is a freestyle.

Daddy Vadzoka is a freestyle.

That is Munetsi for you.

Metaphysics last year declined a freestyle battle challenge and confirmed Munetsi was a beast, when he came back to Zimbabwe. He confirmed this publicly whilst having lunch at Begotten Sun’s crib. They took a selfie to say, “No I will pass”.

Forget the hype, forget the propaganda. Maybe it’s all lies.. the only way to confirm if he is. Is to check out this brand new Munetsi freestyle video on Youtube and decide for yourself.

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