Is Mcpotar Going To Review Houz Of Hunga – Jungle Kid?

jungleIf my Facebook circle is the the same as yours you’ve probably heard of Jungle Bango’s album Houz Of Hunger. It is a well orchestrated piece of work with a mixture of Shona and English raps. Many Hip-hop heads have publicly given it props, with Raheem comparing it to Karma’s 2013 classic, Chasing Moments. Since no-one has ever predicted when or how my reviews come, I guess in small circles there may have been whispers and speculation about bloggers ignoring this offering. Speculate no more…. (Get the songs here)

The choruses are particularly creative and have an Afrocentric sound to them. It really took me a while to get my hands on Jungle Bango’s album because initially it was being spread via Whatsapp. I am not much of a whatsapp downloader these days, but I could tell from the crowd reaction this was indeed a great album. Dynamic delivery, concepts and wordplay managed to place Jungle Kid amongst kings.

The Title Track : Houz Of Hunga

The title track talks about Zimbabwe from the point of view of a young hustler who is watching all things around him. It talks about empowerment and even partly about the land reform. He loans us a concept similar to NY State of Mind, but for him it’s GZ (Great Zimbabwe)  state of Mind. Note that that the artiste is from Masvingo where the Great Zimbabwe is based and this goes a long way in showing how he is sticking to his roots.

Hatina Pressure

Great beat, on this song. Beautiful wordplay and good story telling skills. Hatina Pressure is basically to say that he has no worries about much. He lives life with no regrets and so goes to prove the narration in his verse and the laid back beat speaks much into the concept of his steady life.

Hatina pressure is a letter being written to someone who is in a different country and within that letter he manages to address a lot of issues that affect Zimbabwe if you listen carefully. Including circumscission and how we are used as lab rats for medical experiments. You want to listen to this song.

Houz of Hunga vs Hatina Pressure

While the Houz of hunga seems to talk much about a hustled environment where one has to wake up and be the bread winner. Hatina Pressure seems to bring in the contrary. At first the artiste is hungry for the hussle and the next thing he is not worried about anything at all. On a more analytical perspective it makes it harder to recognize the GZ State of Mind. However I personally enjoy Hatina Pressure  over Houz Of Hunger.

I guess there two sides of GZ. There’s time we need to hustle then later on we need to chill and just let life live itself. Many relate to this.

Yarira Ngoma

Yarira Ngoma has the best hook in the project. Lady Vee has a beautiful African voice.The instrumentation is deep and he maintains his strength in telling stories.

The Rest Of The Songs

I’d like you to get the rest of the tracks on Jungle kids, reverbnation account. This is a great album and I hope it lifts him from A to B. (Get the songs here)

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