Is GudNtentionz Turning To Raggae?

It had been a while since I received an email from hip-hop virtuoso, GudNtentionz I wouldn’t like to say he was silent, because every-time you hear new school vibes you hear a bit of the big guy indirectly. He inspired part of the generation that kicks it today sonically.

They may not sound like him but chances are he showed them it could be done.

On GudNtentionz New Single Make  A Way

A brilliant offering I must say, a smooth groovy, mellow reggae, dance-hall and RnB fusion with a sprinkle of hip-hop. I loved it.

It is a motivational track which encourages people to overcome obstacles and make solutions. GudNtentionz also reveals his faith in God as the power source for tackling problems and receiving inspired ideas,

The beat is designed to make you meditate to the message.

Rayze “Em says, “Make a way is a soundtrack/anthem to a peaceful revolution. It’s a song about hope and dance with a melody that directs one’s path from darkness to light through a tunnel of well written and well-articulated conscious lyrics that are prophetic to the times we are living in.”

This song comes at a time when there have been a lot of movements in Zimbabwe speaking out on social injustice. I would say GudNtentionz as a conscious hip-hop artiste manages to  play his role without using machetes.

Listen to the song

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