Interview: Xndr Speaks About His Raffles Endorsement, Rap Beef & Awards (@anonzixndr)

Mcpotar :Mr. Mutumha you a hiphop producer who loves to dress mostly in formal wear. What does that type of dress-code symbolize to you.

Anonzi Xndr: It symbolizes my experience ,maturity and professionalism as a figure of growth in the music business.

Mcpotar: Do you have room for snap-backs and doo-rags in your wardrobe. Will we ever meet Xndr in typical hip-hop swag?

Anonzi Xndr: Maybe a snap back with a local brand yes, but I’m a leader and I don’t dress down by any means…I’ll make the snap back work with a blazer

Mcpotar: Tell me, I’ve been noticing pictures with the Raffles logo. To clear speculation would you reveal your relationship with the company?

Anonzi Xndr: They currently employed me as their social media management as well as being part of their brand, they dress me from head to toe on the best formal attire on the market, recently they dressed me in a $600 Diclaro suit which I’m yet to post pictures.

Anonzi Xndr raffles

Mcpotar: Congratulations man. When was this deal? I’ve actually been seeing you posting for a while. Was the awards ceremony attire courtesy of Raffles?

Anonzi Xndr: Had a few suits to switch and wear at my birthday event that was a week later after the awards.

Mcpotar: A lot of producers are grumbling about your award win. Are you ever tempted to respond?

Anonzi Xndr: My work speaks for itself I’ve been contributing a lot work and growth to the genre directly and indirectly, if you have no knowledge of me in the Zimhiphop circles then you’re in the wrong lane and need to catch-up. But to answer your question I produced 6 albums in 2015 alone numerous singles in the charts loads of nominations so my work speaks for itself.

Mcpotar: Do you think “North/South” classism still exists in Hiphop?

Anonzi Xndr: It does so very much, but zimhiphop community has become smarter and more educated over the past 2 years ,they won’t acknowledge half baked products anymore even if you rocked radio a few years back.

Mcpotar: We once met at Changamire Festival in May. You and Noble happened to be getting along. After the December conflict do you see any hopes of both camps ever working together?

Anonzi Xndr: We usually compete and spar for fun, but he did a cliché or rather threw a low blow instead of focusing on me and work…but I’m okay with him though theres no bad blood ,though the masses around him wish for it to be so.

Mcpotar: That’s great to hear. Looking forward to this year’s projects and congratulations once again on award win and Raffles deal.

Anonzi Xndr: Thank you

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