Interview: Gigi Lamayne Tells Us How It Feels To Dominate (@Gigi_Lamayne)

I managed to link up with four-time South African Hip-hop Award winning female artiste Gigi Lamayne. I also got to learn that she also is a University of Witwatersrand (WITS) Dean’s list student. So I guess it’s  bars, beauty and brains. The more reason I decided to talk to her about her career.

The Queen has once again been nominated for Best Collabo for the Ice Cream remix which features Khuli Chana at SA Hip-hop Awards.

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Mcpotar: How does it feel to be dominating in a male dominated genre?

Gigi Lamayne:  “It’s a great feeling because females are making their voices heard and making their presence felt. Now it’s all about skills and talent, not gender. Although we cannot ignore the fact there are a countable mount of females in the game, we have made progress. It’s still going to get more exciting for marginalized communities.”


Mcpotar: Which countries have you performed in so far? When will you be coming to give your Zimbabwean fans a treat?

Gigi Lamayne: “I’ve performed in South Africa obviously, Swaziland and Zambia. I’m ready to perform in Zimbabwe anytime, I hope the promoters are reading this.LOL.”

Mcpotar: Who was the first person you called this year when you heard you got nominated for the awards?

 Gigi Lamayne: “I was with my mom at the nominees announcement, so I called my crew. They are as good as family to me. We share the same dream and passion. If I win then they win too. End of story.

Mcpotar: If you were to perform with anyone on the international scene who would you pick?

Gigi Lamayne: “Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.”


Mcpotar: What is Gigi Lamayne’s dress code like off camera?

Gigi Lamayne: “My dress code off camera is dictated by the mood and weather, but it’s always classy. I am eccentric and would definitely like to look at myself as The Trend setter. You can’t compare my style nor my look. I’m in my own lane in every single way.”


Mcpotar: Would you say women are now getting the respect they deserve in entertainment?

Gigi Lamayne: “Artists are respected for their talent and conduct, not for their gender. As we  put work into the industry and into our crafts, we slowly begin to create lanes which can run in against our male counterparts. ”


Mcpotar: What advice would you give other unsigned artistes, who have been pressing for breakthroughs?

Gigi Lamayne: “Keep pushing. Practice everyday. Invest in your artform. Grow your brand, and learn the business side of the music industry. We can never know enough about how we should be conducting our brands in such a dynamic and fluid industry. ”

There you have it, Gigi Lamayne, a risning queen of African Hip-hop. She needs your votyes at this years edition of the South African Hip-hop Awards. You can visit the website to vote online or type Sahhas + BC + Gigi LaMayne, then send an SMS to 33110. The SMS costs R1.50 and you can vote as many times as you can.

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Gigi Lamayne Interview

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