Innovative Hip-hop Artiste To Drop Music Every Sunday

Victoria Falls is not only home to one of the 7 wonders of the world but I have come to learn that it’s also home to innovative emcee Platinum who has decided to bless every  Sunday with a verse on his new website This is a rare idea which will set him apart from many emcees and though many may think it’s ambitious, it’s possible becuase we have seen Cal_Vin hold Free Bars Friday and Munetsi had a fear me series.

It’s a challenge for consistency, and I suppose he can record the 4 verses for each month in one day. The idea however is to stay in mind by being the first person I know to actually launch a website around the idea of turning verses to a series.

The rapperhas already performed for large audiences including the recent Victoria Falls Carnival,  he says he hopes at big events such as the Shoko Festival in Harare and will do all it takes to represent Hip Hop on a globa

The first verse is so far a brilliant offering with switched up delivery on the raps I will share the lyrics and link below:

Instrumental by Baauer (Harlem Shake)


Hello world i know you pissed
for the album but i say sorry with a fist,
Free punchlines still i stand top of the list
and im begging your pardon i was caught inda mist.
I was killing em rappers, dressing em in em pampers
all i see are cry babies there aint matching my level.
Rapping and im focused to take it to greater levels
and I’m writing for myself and my team, you wanna battle?
better step up to the mic with a gun if you taking SHOTS at the king
im on these TRACKS its pretty clear that i run.
They wanna see me down onda dirt i give my prayers to the lord
with every verse that i write im Gengas Khan.
Still the name is Platinum is you wanna describe me “awesome”
There used to say i will never cut it-im razor blades
im the man son (sun) hide in shades.
Im onda paper chase so i set the pace
im tired i REST my case
my team STRONG but we hate gym
still we fight for the title bring MAKE UP its me you’ll FACE
Best believe IM BLOWING like referee
i smoke that HIGH school kush no primary
i get attention like troops no – ease
success doors i break i lost the keys
still im here HELLO my ex girl calling coz i got that dolo
i DROWNS in my money why is your attitude SHALLOW
Im up inda club with a kilo.
if you WAVE im on the net im surfing dude
my white friends like totally dude
got no time for sex my girl keeps searching room
coz i told her i LOST THE MOOD.
I got FLOWS like girls on periods
my flow HARDER taking steroids
my raps on that erecting got me touching ANDROIDS.
They SMOKING HOT call em cigga’s
im turning gospel DROPPING BARS
my sex game is awesome cause – orgasm coming VISITORS.
I RAN OUT of words im into jogging
I BRANCHED out of my family TREE My paper growing im into PLANTING
STINKING rich excuse my FARTS
I love sea food send these LOAN SHARKS
plus i take my whisky undiluted “bullet proof” im taking SHOTS.
Many rappers got beef and im starving cannot hide
you cant take BEEF you INDIAN add some source to swallow your pride
i’ll keep on revealing im hot till its appealing
coz they SUCK when they rapping drop the mic for BREAST FEEDING.
I caught a break and you still catching feelings
i SAVE money like heroes if you broke then you villains.
Enough said im back to business
i got a SHARP KNIFE let’s CUT the small talk
came to win aint no backing down
to replace my hat with a matching crown.
I got haters who haters so they turn friends to become my haters
Bring it on im ready for war
and i got a little more for these pretenders.
Say something if you willing to get some
will kidnap your son you’ll be paying me ransom
Its so so sad that none of yall are summing up to awesome
all the best songs are Platinum’s
I came to change this rap game with a nappy
got a FAST flow I’ts a QUICKY
Its time to separate the real with the fake
tell these BITTERS no HICKIES.
im setting the BAR ima need a bartender
sticking to the SCRIPT im a STAPLER
I got the UPPER HAND they’re all SHORT SLEEVED
Premature ejaculation-my album coming fast
im popping VIAGRA to be the best and make this LAST

Im in this Race so they yell “Platinum the Great”
your career dead we got the trophy rest in peace you late.
And im her forever
This time I gotta get tha cheddar I hit rock  bottom
Free verses for all my fan you know I got em
Free entrance in lavish places comes with the stardom

Awesome Idea, we hope to hear more from him. The project is reported to feature people from various parts of the continent such as South Africa’s Tre Day, Namibia’s Lil Kid, and Zimbabwean christianrapper Teq Niq to mention only a few.

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