Indie Music – Tafadzwa Croft and So Profound Advancing The Kingdom

I always appreciate it when I get a notification that someone dropped a video on my wall and I  bookmark it for a day I will have broadband so that I can watch it. See where I live, it is really hard to access the internet. Today I just happened to come across Tafadzwa Croft’s video and I was actually on my download Youtube day.

He had a live performance of his Christian Rap, with the choir to do his hook, pretty ladies screaming and everything. I should consider venturing in this genre J but for all the right reasons. I basically think the church is beginning to accept and understand the culture of hip-hop and the role it can play in delivering the youth. I personally like his rap it is suitable and modest. There is a danger of keeping that spirit of boastfulness while doing rap (the reason I don’t rap in church). However my brother managed to contain the applause and screams from the ladies.

Here it is

So Profound also finally recorded his famous spoken word poem, The Mathematical Equation. Brilliant work, I downloaded it on release, but when I wanted to make noise about it, ZESA said nope. I later met him while I was in Harare and we had an interesting discussion. I was reminded that I did nothing to promote the message he wanted to convey through that piece yet I am a Christian.  I was busy ridiculing Zimhip-hop awards and making MMT and Noble Stylez joke and ignored a genre that was channeling positive vibes. What do you think should be done to me?

So Profounds Mathematical Poem –

Yes I thought so, punish me by giving me lots of beautiful women numbers. That’ll show me how to go about business. Meanwhile I’m studying what it is about these 2 gentlemen that makes them so bold as to stand out with their core beliefs in an industry that favours decadence. Let me end this post by saying, “So Profound and croft I respect what you stand for, may you keep doing it for the glory of the Lord. If women start throwing themselves at your feet, shun them, tell them to come to me.”

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