Indie Hip-hop Music: Maniac Beazy – Came Wit D’Benz

I just got my hands on ManiacBeazy’s Came Wit D’Benz’ – off his upcoming offering , Awesome.  It is a party track with an upbeat and a somewhat Naija feel within the hook and lyrics are done in both Shona and English. No punch lines, no bad lyricism though as far as I’m concerned but it is indeed acceptable music.

ManiacBeazy is a Harare based rapper who works with Xndr’s Rehab.  He is on his come up and I guess he decided to give us something to dance to so as to spread his reach. Party tracks have the ability to relieve stress and lighten anyone’s mood. They are usually not very deeply lyrical as the motive is to be simple, catchy and entertaining. From the lyrics you can surely tell that this is ManiacBeazy’s zone, and the Naija hook makes it incredible.

I am usually not for the Naija style for self identity issues. However Jae Mac believes that’s the sound that’s trending (by the way am not saying he made this song). I’m like, “Okay, then guys do what you gotta do to trend.” For me this whole party music, trending and so forth is a bit sophisticated but I know a good party track when I hear one.

Maniac talks about how he balls in a club on a middle class budget. He explains how the girls in the club would like to be with a guy who has it made and is splurging money. However he without all that manages to look the part because maybe he’s got game, swag selection and he’s good like that. He has nothing special on him though. He’s just an average Joe sipping drinks in the club. Do you get the picture? Do you get the concept here? And isn’t that conscious too?

I mean the guy even admits that the parents are calling and asking him to come back home. Guys his age party, most would like to portray an, I don’t have curfew and I’m independent” image in public. The reality is their parents do call them up and caution them to remember themselves when they go to parties. Here is a young rapper expressing that reality confidently and in a way that still makes him look cool to his potential audience. An 18 year old will listen to this song and say, “I know what you mean.”

See I personally think even party songs have super ability to express our immediate reality but remaining catchy. We are allowed by our creative license to lie about a few events but to keep it realistic let’s keep Lamborghini’s out of our rhymes till we have them. ManiacBeazy is an example of how this can actually be done successfully. The story is realistic and that’s what will make this dance track relatable and catchy. It also has the ability to make dudes who do not drive or have much feel content about self and realize that it’s okay to express your reality without trying to stand out in areas you don’t.

I like the fact that he does not pretend in his song to be splurging. The hook itself admits how the artiste came by foot and didn’t come in a Benz. The song later piggybacks on a common war cry and this should surely get the audience to relate and sing along. The tempo and base is powerful.

Lastly this is not my type of content but I understand it. I do recommend that if you vibe with party music, put it in your playlist.

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