Independent Rappers: Promoting A Song Online

Suppose you have made your song with a good producer and it really is a promising hit or whatever you want it to be. There are some things you want to put in check.

1. You need an account with one of the free online music distribution websites. Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Hulkshare, Mediafire just to name a few.

2. Set up your avatars; get a good graphic designer. Create a good comprehensive profile. Don’t leave biographies blank and do not misinform your audience. You want to create good credibility.

3. Create a sleeve design 500 x 500 pixels. Make sure it aligns with your title. Get a good graphic designer and get a team in place to review your cover art. Take their opinion. If they think it’s off; keep trying till you have a concensus of best outcomes. Let your sleeve prompt people to like your page/ follow you on twitter or follow your band profile. This is important.

Do not be caught up in falling in love with a certain design (especially if you make your own designs). Remember image is everything.

4. Let your team use the sleeve as their avatar on social networks. Facebook has more response; and whatsapp is wide spread. You and your team should encourage friends to put the picture as an avatar; perhaps give them an exclusive listen for that.

Promote your release using the avatar and even photoshoots that relate to the upcominging track. You need to raise anticipation.

4. Pick a working (week) day for your release because most people (if you’re in a developing country) access high speed internet at work. That way you will be able to get a lot of downloads on the first day and also sharing is easier from desktop.

5. Pick a hashtag that you and the team promote the track with. Your team should have a name.(A name creates identity and loyalty). Use the team name as a hashtag and the title of the song as another. On the run up to the release; post about the release at peak hours. Also post statuses that cover what your song is addressing and place the hashtags at the end.

“I just got a breakthrough in a deal I was chasing #beyondrap #elevated”

6. Tell a few bloggers about your song and if they would like to publish its release they will review it or announce its coming on their page or on their blog. Send word to as many blogs online; you are not limited to local blogs, this is the world wide web.

By now you also should have a blog or website on which you tell your own news. Talk about the release.

7. Finally release the track at the promised time. Share it in relevant groups and on your wall. Your team too should share it with much passion at relevant times.

Sharing should be done extensively the whole week. If your track is anything good to go by and if you followed previous tips from this blog you should watch your stats getting #elevated.

Use a link shortener like to create short links that u can easily share on twitter without exhausting characters. also allows you to edit the something you can easily remember. For instance one of my animated videos is I can share it without visiting the page. I know it by head.

8. As downloads go up continually thank people for your support. Inbox those whose shares you have seen.

9. Write follow up articles on your blog that talk about you or the song directly or indirectly. This is so that you do not keep posting the same review on your facebook page. The same link may get annoying. Include appropriate tags all the time and keep sharing.

Dont be selfish share the article with an independent rapper.

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