Independent Hip-hop Review : Navy Seal ft Ex Mile & Mr. Noxa The Way

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Though known to drop tracks about “the streets” Bulawayo born rapper Navy Seal’s The way qualifies as a song for the ladies. Judging from his early influences being G-Unit I can tell that the song is like the songs G-Unit would do for girls. Navy Seal over the years has assumed his own style and delivery and is not so similar to his early influence 50 Cent. However this content is typical of a 50 Cent fan. The song is good and has a sensual message despite a few issues I will explain later.

The song begins with Navy Seal complementing the girl with every sweet metaphor that comes to mind, the instrumental is definitely on an R’n’B tone. The message is romantic,  the chorus really completed the effect it may have on the ladies. This is a song that would make a woman feel special. After giving people several listens to this song, some complained about the mastering. Like most Navy Seal tracks however there is mention of things affluent people would afford though Navy Seal doesn’t quite fit some of the things mentioned. It does not get my marks a s a reality piece, but a s a creative story it does. I believe it would still be sweet if he talked about things ordinary people do. This is a common trait of many Zimbabwean hip-hop artists that make mainstream success.

That’s the only thing that gives it an 8/10 by my standards otherwise he killed it lyrically. Navy seal has always had an accent that makes people believe he is not Zimbabwean, somehow this gives him an upper hand and makes him stand out. In some projects the artists that do his hooks have let him down as they have not come up to this level but I must say Ex. Mile and Mr. Noxa maintained the bar on this track, in fact they made it a potential hit.

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