Ill Manner the Mutant (Harare) – Independent Artist Profile

pump-your-fist Ill Manner has been in Hip-hop circles for quite sometime in Harare. I believe I first met him at Mashoko (the mother of Shoko Fest). He is passionate about conscious rap and what he believes is the real hip-hop. He says he started rapping at the age of 12.

On a regular day you will catch him and I debating on conscious and mainstream on his wall or mine. Unlike most kids his age, he favours the old hip-hop heads and it can be seen in his lyricism which is deep. i believe he still needs to put work in delivery and confidence after hearing his recorded tracks. He  however is feared in rap forums as he exhibits high lyricism and murders the competition.

In my opinion, he should consider getting hooks and beats that can appeal to a wider audience,  not so that he dumbs it down, but so that his message (which is necessary) reaches the deceived. This young man has watched many documentaries, I tell you when you go on youtube to look for twerk videos he’s on it to find something by Malcolm X, Cheguevara or anyone associated with movements and revolution. The trolls that make him laugh ridicule weak rappers and “the system”. So you have to expect large doses of knowledge and excorsism by lyricism if you have the demon of ignorance when you listen to him.

I hope he prospers in the career ahead of him and is able to elevate himself to do more. the Chitungwiza born lyricist says. “Ill Manner The Mutant I’m an emcee whose lyricism has poetry as it’s basis.I’m an emcee who seeks to modernize the 90s Boom Bap Sound.I’m an emcee whose lyrics consist of soul searchin’,social commentary and intricate penmanship.Im a witty and poetic emcee who’s lyrics touch on the paradox of humanity hence I can go from rapping about spirituality to rapping about the pleasures of a one night stand.”

One more thing… that’s his music.



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