Ill Manner Fantasises About Akira And Trae Yung,Makes Decision To Date A Blogger In ‘Crushing'(@IllmannerJin)


Behind every ‘hard core’ rapper lies a  track that has  allowed them to break out  of their comfort lyrical zone.Hip hop heads will always remember that Genuwine featured club track ‘You Owe Me’ by Nas and back home you might be familiar with Noble Stlyz stint on a love song  ‘Kusvika Rinyure’. It seems rapper Ill Manner has joined the bandwagon as he ditches hard core lyricism in exchange for a rap confession about his crushes in his latest release ‘Crushing’ .The track owes its production to  Sasha Nhara who you might know in the musical circles as  ‘Spartakvs’.The Psychology student embarks on a lyrical journey as he name drops most of the relevant females  at the moment as his crushes.Whats awkward about reviewing this track is I get name dropped too.What a time to be a blogger!

Crushing is an amazing story telling piece and what’s likely to impress you about this track is Ill Manner getting out of his comfort zone to explore other dynamic topics(women are always fun topics) The only thing that remains consistent about the Ill Manner you  might be used to hearing is how blunt his language remains throughout the track.There are parts that will leave you feeling a little uncomfortable ( His pants bulging  over the fantasy thoughts of Akira and how he would like to ‘have’ Blacperl on a sofa panze)and there are parts where you will simply laugh off how he name drops Akira and Trae Yung in the same verse(Maybe he missed the memo that Akira has beef with Trae Yung).Females also discussed  in the song are Marian Reeds,Ammara Brown,Nadia Nakai,Lochnation,Mimy, Ninja Lipsy,Tinashe and Icy Murda.

I thought the concept of the track was impressive but the track  falls short with a flavourless chorus which deteriorates a potential masterpiece.The instrumentation does little justice to the subject matter and for that Ill Manner’s track fails to bring that ‘catchy’ effect to the table.Ill Manner’s lack of voice orchestration lets him down when there are parts where he has to turn a knob on his voice projection and in the end the instrumental over rides him.With that said,why don’t you peep the track for yourselves and be the judges?The track is available for free listening and download on Soundcloud.

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