If You Think Zim Hip-hop Is Wack These Songs Will Change Your Mind

I always find myself in a discussion about music where Zim Hip-hop is doubted for many reasons and my defenses go up because most of the assertions made will be inaccurate. I cannot blame those who may think Zim Hip-hop is wack but I can point them to the music which I think is dope.

My first assumption is always, “You are listening to the wrong artistes”. Now in this post I will make an effort to point you to new and old songs I think are adequate to reshape your perception on Hip-hop.

In this post I will make an effort to include different categories and sub-genres to allow you more choice. Note that dope artistes are everywhere and are not limited to the ones that I include in this post.

If you feel I left out a better artist than any I post here. You are probably right. Feel free to post their work in the comment of this post.

So here  we go.


You have probably heard of Cal_Vin, the Luveve boy. Years ago he did a track with Cassper Nyovest. However he is not the only Ndebele rapper.

Have you heard of Guluva 7. I particularly recommend a song titled Jackie Chen but he has more.

English Rap – (Secular/Hard Bars)

Meyniak – Immortality – Meyniak is a super-artist I am not shy to recommend. He articulates some of the best lyrical progressions  filling his flow with does of logic, philosophy and reason. Occasionally he is somewhat dark in the case of The Werther Effect. Also sometimes didactic and sincere in the case of Past You. (You can find even more of his work on his soundcloud)

Shona Rap – (Hustle)

Tulk Munny – Wedzera Effort  – This one features Ti Gonzi, Furnace and Mwana WaMai and it encourages people to put effort in whatever it is that they do. Each rapper  ‘put effort” in their verse, highlighting their reality on the subject matter. I particularly like the Ti Gonzi verse because of the wordplay. Tulk Munny is a force as well. If you follow that link you will be a able to catch up with beautiful music.

Out of The Box Concepts

T.shoC – Mujaho

Well you may say, Tulk Munny and Meyniak are too much of the usual to you. That’s when I say okay, “Have you heard about T.shoC?”

I found this concept quite awesome.

While you are at it you could even look at Sharky and Ahsayn The Beat Maker’s – Mandipe

Some will say to me.

What about Christian Rap?

Well, so many greats in that niche too but will give you C Verb, a young talented female emcee. She is going places. I last wrote about her here.

Not to clutter you with too much music in a day. I never want to do that, but at least download some of the tracks I recommended then tell me if you still disagree that we have something going on in Zimbabwe.

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3 thoughts on “If You Think Zim Hip-hop Is Wack These Songs Will Change Your Mind

  1. Mambo Reply

    Great.I would agree on Ndebele Rap on the guy who undoubtedly made indisputable strides,Cal is the King of Ndex Rap.

    English Rap…..Meyniak is a good artist i respect but personally i wouldn’t rate him anywhere above J Nova.I have listened to both their works and had always had this thought in me as to who is best;until they did a jawn together “Divine Dialect ” well i know murder when i see one,i use this as a yardstick to compare the 2 artists,Damn Nova is merciless.
    Shona Rap…i never saw that one comin,any shona artist who touches the level of Jungle Kid can easily be noticed.I feel Jungle’s pen game and flows is off the hook.His every trek if dopped with wordplay in vernac none can touch.I would have mentioned Faceless but the oan off the radar now,also J Breezy but dudes been offline a bit.Noble is good,.besides the big mouth(for an artist its understandable) but the consistency and penning of hard core vernac bars,Jungle is par level ahead than any other artist i have heard in local circles.I respect my hommie Sharky’s work ethic and professional approach to music also,but still my money is on jungl Kidd.

    Out Of The Box concepts:Well haven’t listened much to T,Shoc stuff…but im yet to encounter any Thought provockin emcee like BA7,extraordinary typa bars and jewels.One artist you will really need to take time to ear.One might totally not agree with his theories but his line of thinking,pen game and flows definitely out of touch with many,hardcore and raw.This is his latest EP https://www.audiomack.com/album/mambo-clive-munetsi/light-years-beyond-unmastered


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