If you haven’t heard Zvakusungisa…#zvakusungisa! @Mcpotar


Recently he fed our listening buds with Black Orchestra and this time award winning blogger cum rapper  and also my mentor,Michael Mupotaringa a.k.a’d Mcpotar is back again with an intriguing yet wit filled track that sees him flexing his rap generic muscles in an impressive manner.He had us throwing the #zvakusungisa hashtag all over social medias for the past weeks but for those who are familiar with this lad’s genius comprehension, know that  the versatile Mcpotar isn’t just a mean guy blogging away his opinions on a rusty three legged desk but he is also a musical soul who knows how to market and   push his productions to a variable extended audience,never limiting the realms his music is supposed to appeal to. For the past three weeks we have been hashtagging Zvakusungisa in a Zilluminati fashion but  now the full product is here for public listening and I had the chance to have a listen to it before it was mastered for public hearing(no,you don’t have to sneak your nudes in his inbox  to get  such benefits ladies)and its still sounding like an impeccable piece of art  after full production.Zvakusungisa sees  Mcpotar/ Eureka taking us on a lyrical journey congested by vernacular rhymes that are in  antecedence with English lines too which are  playful and witty, at the same time engrossed well with a fitting and catchy hook.Within the first hear it captures you with its bumpy and ‘club feel’ produced beat owed much to the young and rising tag team of producers ,The Hitmen (ZW) 

Clogged very well with braggadocio lines such as having more twitter followers than people getting airplay to comic filled lines of haters getting envious, ‘ganda ravo rakutaita green kunge ra Shrek’ this is one song to bump to,whether you are twerking your African jelly behind in the mirror,claiming your rent money from that dubious tenant or clearly bragging about how your grind is turning out good.Feel free to take a listen and download the track because this is one track that needs a feature in your boring playlist.This one is just for control people…#zvakusungisa (Mcpotar taught me)

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