If This Aint On Your Radio Shoot The DJ

Now everybody is always complaining about the music industry and how hip-hop has failed to gain momentum as much as Zim Dance-hall. I have grown tired of that whole debate because usually the facts presented are inaccurate and there is a lot of boot-licking and riding of the unmentionables.


Do you know what I prefer?

I prefer to look for the realness that’s not being played on radio. You must realize radio needs to make money, they are not going to pay something that’s not gonna trend. I have met big artistes that were emotional about how some radio DJ’s told them to dumb it down. True stories too…

Thanks to the internet you can shoot your DJ today and still get to listen to this realness over here. Try to get both the songs listed here. This is not urban grooves it’s hip-hop…

GZE ft Young Red and Alka Nemo – John Bhuru (Produced by Cutty Beats)

Cutty Beats (Producer of Mushikashika) has managed to team up with GZE in the studio to create a bomb. Now all I know is real Hip-hop heads that understand Shona have their hands on this and love it already. The message promotes itself because it is real life hustle-nomics. Nobody can beat that… If your DJ aint playing this put a hole in his head. No, seriously. Get it here


Krimz Beatz – Hatigute (ft. KayVe,T Gonz,Skarky,Baller & Kid Aktive)

I’ve always wanted to mention lemon creams in the same sentence as Krimz and I guess this is my chance. The producer probably needs those biscuits today because his track has a hunger title. “hatigute”. He had emcees that were hungry for the mic eat each other in those verses and definitely you will want to tell me who your favourite artiste was.

Download it here

Hit me up on twitter on @Mcpotar and brief me on how many DJ’s you managed to shoot for a day. Peace. #SpreadHiphop

Which other songs do you think DJ’s should be playing? Fill the form below. This happens once a month.

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