If J.K Rowling Gave You A Gift

Imagine if you went to a four day seminar on script writing facilitated by J.K. Rowling (Author of Harry Potter). Let’s say 50 attended.

Now after the course, J.K Rowling came to you personally and gave you a special diary and pen, with ger autograph then said she gave you because you were exceptional and she saw potential.

Would that not be special?

 I would be ecstatic till…
Till I came across 7 other people who got the same diary, pen and were told the same words.
And it would turn out, variations of that happened to all 50.
Would J.K. Rowlings gift still be as valuable to me?

If you are giving away your value without a merit system. Is that not the same thing.

See when you treat someone like your girlfriend when they are not, they have interests in making you a boyfriend. Less obligations for them, you can stay in the friendzone. Increase the stakes papi.
If you treat him like you married. Laundry, sexual favours, co-habiting, budgetting for him. Unless you fall pregnant and your family obliges him to marry you, why would he?

Would you pay for DSTV if important channels were on free to air?

J.K Rowlings compliment would mean the most if it were unique and awarded on merit.

Set standards for what you reward. There is no incentive for effort to the receiving end if it is available to virtually all.

Or available without commitment. 

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