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#Week 1 : Godfrey Mungeni


What should come to mind when we here the name Godfrey Mungeni?

Hahahaha eish theres so much you can think of but to sum it up i would say, Excellence, Growth, Dominance…..

What sacrifices must be made, socially and financially in order to pursue a career as a manager in the Music Industry?

Based on personal experience i would say socially don’t limit yourself to a small circle (but again keep ur inner circle tight)
Financially u need to be a calculative risk taker (coz kunze uku kukupisa) sacrifice what u know will bring back coz like any business investment u don’t just dive in.

But the major key is to first have your knowledge of the industry and a passion for it.

Following the recent shift in the Music Industry, what are the best avenues for generating a profit and maintaining success for the artists and musicians?

Firstly branding is key u can never sell non branded product and expect it to fly off the shelves overnight.

Once branded as a brand u need to further push to make yourself sell-able, what sets you from the rest within your genre is what will make u monetize your talent to the market through distribution with no limitations. That means pushing on the streets for the numbers and going digital as a brand for the profit and monetization.

Before all that is done as well PRIDE needs to be thrown straight i to the trash can.

As a manager, what sort of prominent connections have you made?

Hahahahah I know thats a trick question but yea far too many I could go all day giving a list. But my brand deals with a lot of people world over and we are affiliated to many prominent names like Jim Jones in the states, Ying Yang Twins, Pessimist the rapper (who actually has a Track with Crooger & Benny B), Da Les and many more, We have agents in different countries all pushing different projects for us within international soil.

 In Zimbabwe who have you been managing so far?

I have worked with Bryce Nation n managed Benny B and still am bit on a more independent tip.

As Music Beyond Borders we have signed up Mile, Marcques, Kross (based in SA), Seriously talented female by the name Cheneso from Norton, And recently signed up 2 Dancehall artists Empress CC (former Chillspot signee) and Wardo aka Dancehall Kedha whos also a producer in Norton.

How important is the connection between you as a manager and the artists or bands that you manage?

That bond is actually the most important part of the business (even though mine are more like a family). The stronger your bond the easier it become a to work as a team and mine was never dysfunctional.

How much of an impact do you believe illegal downloading of music has on your career as a manager, as well the Music Industry itself and how do you work around this?

I have never really been phased by illegal downloads coz our primary goal as an entity is to spread the music and message even tho it kills the the returns on the artists side of things.

With that question being raised it brings this conversation to my new project with some partners abroad but thats a topic for another day.

Final word to any aspiring managers?

Keep your head up and don’t be limited my peoples perceptions about what u do aswel as to maintain professionalism and drop pride.

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