I Was Disappointed By Hakeem – Beefy on Zimhip-hop Awards (Interview)

I managed to get a hold of Adrian Harrison the founder of the Zim Hip-hop Awards. The 2014 Zimbabwe hip-hop award were held in Harare at Wing Wah restaurant on Wednesday 17 December. The event was well attended and the décor was good. However it began late and there has been much criticism from some sections of social media on who won what. There was also the issue of Hakeem going on stage to dismiss P.K’s award which later sparked violence. It will all be addressed in this interview.  Many have also expressed that the main attraction awards were unfair.

Without further adieu I have decided to cut out all speculation and theories about how the vent is run and organized by asking him questions that may help us.

Zim Hip-hop Awards 2014

Mcpotar : May you tell us briefly how the Zimbabwe Hiphop Awards (ZHHA / Zim Hip-hop Awards) came about and how it wants the general public to perceive it.

Beefy : The awards are my own private initiative. My idea was to get the genre recognition locally and internationally. I have funded this event as an individual and received help here and there from sponsors. These awards are there to reward artistes that have worked hard through-out the year. I cannot expect the public to react in any way that favours me because music is subjective.

Some will be happy some will not but I have achieved my goal and the genre has life and has become competitive. It is growing in many parts of Zimbabwe.

Mcpotar:  Thank you. Would you reveal the criterion used in selection of the judges panel of the award show. What measures have you taken to ensure that these people will be people who understand HHip-hop as a culture with its different subgenres?

Beefy :The judges are from different organizations involved with the music industry or the Hip-hop genre be it in media, sound production or promotion. These people are not just chosen randomly as we did before.

We interviewed them and took them through a screening process, Their decisions were final and me and my committee put trust in them. I cannot do anything about the names of winners we received from them. We chose judges who we saw had the best knowledge of Hip-hop from the list of judges we interviewed.

Mcpotar:  Thank you for that clarity. We have for long believed that you were personally in control of those names.

Moving on. Would the Zim Hip-hop Awards be willing to open a platform or forum that moderates constructive suggestions on how it may grow?

Beefy: We have a Facebook Page where people can comment ,freely criticize and suggest anything they feel like.

Mcpotar: If an artiste openly criticized Zim Hip-hop Awards in public forums, would it affect his chances of ever getting an award or contributing to the event in any way.

Beefy: I’m sure you’ve criticized the awards but you’re now and award winner. POY criticized the awards last year but he got nominated and won an award this year. I dismiss such allegations if any.

I personally fund artistes just for the love of the game whether they criticize me or the awards. I help where I can and talk to any artiste who approaches me for assistance.

Mcpotar: We cannot deny the truth in the examples given. I indeed last year dedicated an article on my concerns with the hip-hop awards. I hope a lot of questions have been answered. Before I conclude and this is the biggest question .

What is your personal review of the Wednesday event. The good and bad parts, especially covering the situation with Hakeem. How did you feel about it at an event that you funded and organized, Have you since communicated with Hakeem or P.K either personally or as an organization?

Beefy: I think the rain affected attendance and slowed down proceedings. I am really proud of my team and myself. I feel we pulled off a very good event. I do events for a living and I personally know what good production is is and there is no music award show in Zimbabwe that was done this year that had production as good as ours.I was disappointed by Hakeem and told him how I felt. It is a pity he tried to use the awards tomake himself relevant again. As for P.K, he handled the situation well.

People should learn not to criticize and disturb ones work especially after so much effort has been put in. It’s really sad. I know for a fact that all my critics will never pull off such and event as individuals.

I will not give up and I will not stop. I will learn from my mistakes and move forward. God gives me strength and courage to do what I do.

Mcpotar:  Thank you for taking time to answer to my questions. Have a pleasant day. Anything you would like to say before we conclude.

Beefy: I will release my own review on Monday via my wall regarding the event and its critics.

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