‘I embraced the hip hop culture at a very early age.I didn’t even know what it was but it felt right’ (@Blacperl1)

The beautiful BlacPerl talks Masofa Panze 3, debuting her first single ‘They Do Thega’ to critical acclaim, battling sexist moments as a female rapper and comes clean on critics of her being an unoriginal  mixture of Trae Yung and Noble Stlyz.

As other Zimbabwean female rappers continue to play in the shadows of their fellow male rappers, 1006098_1426796580913200_4248228667586427430_nHarare born BlacPerl no longer feeds in those shadows. You have heard her crooning her voice on Meister’s Vakafa Vakazoroora and lending an impressive verse on Noble Stlyz Nyanzvi but the beautiful BlacPerl isn’t just a  pretty face singing her way up to stardom  but a female emcee unchaining herself from watching the throne rather than reigning on it. Now running the throne as the Queen of Masofa Panze she has declared the year 2015 as her year of growth as she continues on the royalty train by debuting yet another Masofa Panze album: but this time she is driving in the front relegating  Noble Stlyz  to the passenger seat as she continues the lyrical journey .Mcpotar.com’s  Mimy took time to sit down with the Queen of Masofa Panze out of her busy schedule and this is what we discussed.


Mimy:Walk me through the process of finding yourself as an artist.Who is Blacperl in all spheres of being an artist?

BlacPerl: Blacperl is a Harare based female rapper who grew up in a small neighbourhood where there wasn’t much to live for. I found something that kept me alive. I embraced the hip hop culture at a very early age and back then I didn’t even know what it was but it felt right. I remember spending hours listening to my brother’s old school hip hop records and somehow a fire lit up in me. My vision was to make it as a mainstream artist so I took to the streets and started doing cyphers anywhere you can think of, from my hood, at school, clubs even at house parties. The hustle was too real and all I had was a dream and dope rhymes. I soldiered on till I met Noble and the good part was he had dreams like mine which made it easier for us to get along and from there we’ve been growing from strength to strength.

Mimy:How does it feel to have a platform to say essentially anything you want whether provocative or mind blowing?

BlacPerl:I take hip hop as the release valve on a relentless pressure cooker. It has been an opportunity to take what has never been an opportunity, to take what has never been enough and piece it together to make myself whole. Music has greatly served as a means of self expression and with every rhyme comes a sense of liberty and power.

Mimy: For some time you have been playing in the shadows of one of the best vernacular emcees, Noble Stylz ,and most people were familiar with you singing mainly on his hooks and feature verses .How is your working relationship with him and did you start taking rapping seriously  because of his mentorship?

BlacPerl: My sound was incorporated into Noble Stlyz 2 albums and that working experience has been an eye opener. When I first met Noble I didn’t know what to expect but fact is, with him what you see is what you get. He is that kind of person who just steps into the studio with such a great vibe and lets everyone feed off that good energy. Before meeting Noble I had already established my identity as a rapper and through his guidance I have managed to sharpen my skills and have pretty much secured a wider audience.

Mimy: What sets you apart from the other female emcees in the game?What are BlacPerl’s biggest strengths when it comes to mic business?

Blacperl:The passion I have for my work is an undeniable strength. It is that flame from within that enables me to take my body and soul and spirit to the extreme furthest just to make things happen. Apart from that I’m blessed to be working with a wonderful team of people who push me to excel beyond set limits.

Mimy: How do you describe your musical sound. What can the audience always expect on a Blacperl track?

BlacPerl: I’m a big explorer of sound and rhythm, always experimenting stuff and I think its dope because we are still in the magical moment in hip hop’s evolution. I’m more of a ‘feel’ person because I believe that sometimes people forget what an artist sings about but remember how they felt when they heard their song.

Mimy: There have been quite a few whispers that you are a mixture of Trae Yung and Noble therefore making you an unoriginal rapper. Do you think your debut album will silence all these critics?

BlacPerl: Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. Now those are compounds of two things put together. You wanna know what makes Blacperl? 18 October, wait till then.

Mimy: You have declared the year 2015 as Blacperl season and there are talks of a Masofa Panze 3 album.When does the album debut and why Masofa Panze 3 and not something free from Noble references ?

BlacPerl: Masofa Panze 3 is definitely dropping on the 18th of October this year and like the previous projects it’s a journey. I was on Masofa Panze 1 and I did hooks on Masofa Panze 2 I did hooks and verses. Masofa Panze 3 is the stage I come out and deliver the full package. We been building a brand and we continue hence the Masofa Panze 3

Mimy:You just premiered your new track ‘They Do Thega’ recently.What were the key inspirations and mood surrounding this joint. How was it collaborating with Noble again and working with Dj Krimz and how has the crowd response been of late?

BlacPerl: My new single has been received tremendously on the streets and it has earned me a lot of respect and recognition from the local hip hop circle. I have always been a bit crazy with rhyme, reason and rhythm and also I wanted to tell a tale of my struggle in an artistic manner so I ended up penning down a track that anyone could relate to and at the same time catering for my wit aspirations and flow. From the get go I knew I needed a Krimz beat, a crazy Noble verse that Mr Noxa  Midas touch and to my amazement they all delivered beyond the original anticipation

Mimy: Qouting a line from the recent track where you pinpoint ‘momma still doubting’ how has the experience been being  accepted as a female rapper within your family, in a hip hop male dominated industry and being nonsexual in your rhymes ,one quality most femcees seem to possess?

BlacPerl:Despite all the odds I believe that a real artist must never at any time for any reason be less than their ability. Being a young woman comes with a certain level of vulnerability because the society grooms you to become nothing more than a high end object which is not entitled to a sense of its own agency. The journey hasn’t been an easy one and it’s a pity that I have unfortunately come across awfully sexist people that could never appreciate a non sexualised rapper. Through all this I kept holding on to my definition of myself until I finally managed to claim my own on a non sexualised platform. I’m not really a feminist but can easily turn into one if I witness a woman being put under fire just for being a woman.

Mimy:Where does Blacperl draw her inspirations from and what future projects are  on the cards?

BlacPerl:I’m really blessed to have a big family with some really cool people  like Meister,Noble,Certified Platinum Ent,Trae Yung and the whole TMG Recordz family.These guys are down for anything that has to do with anything that has to do with progress and to do with progress and has to me that’s a dream pusher and wouldn’t ask for a better team to work with. For this year my main focus is on dropping the Masofa Panze 3 Album but other projects could be released along the way. You know how it is when you have dope ideas backed by a great team

Masofa Panze 3 drops on the 18th of October this year. You can follow Blacperl on twitter @Blacperl1.Streaming and downloading of her debut single can be done on hulkshare.If you haven’t copped the track do feel free to download it on the link below

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Hip hop is alive and well..


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