I AM HIP HOP Set To Ignite Bulawayo Hip Hop

Art is an outlet of expression for human beings. Hip-hop is one of the forms of expressions that have been given few outlets to be heard in Zimbabwe. We have already seen the end of the only dedicated radio show for Hip-hop; School Of Hip-hop. Meaning the outlet (which is Hip-hop) has not had outlets (Mediums). Now that condition is changing and it’s being shifted by both first generation and 2nd generation artistes in Zim.

Today we want to talk about I AM HIP-HOP, which happens in the City of Bulawayo every 2 Weeks. Much like Mashoko, Can You Kick It and Changamire but different in execution, it gives artistes a platform to get their art to an audience whilst improving their stage confidence. The artistes get to develop their overall product. The show has been made accessible to the young audience of Hip-hop  because it begins at 1pm and ends at 7pm. At least there are no curfew issues for the fans it’s trying to reach.

“I AM HIP-HOP is an initiative that has been set-up to help mentoring and developing new upcoming artists. It incorporates, hip-hop music, fashion and (visual) art. The aim is to allow new artistes to sharpen their skills by interacting with established artistes.” – P.O.Y told mcpotar.com

His idea is that the platform helps exchange of ideas and improvement of overall skill through live performance. P.O.Y recently gave one of the best performances at the 5th Changamire Festival held on May 30 so he definitely has mentoring rights. Though the show usually happens every 2 weeks, this winter it will be happening every week due to the high numbers of artistes willing to showcase. I guess something has to bring heat to Bulawayo this season.

“It’s always at Club 40/40 thanks to DJ Mzoe, the entertainment manager who sees and understands. The vision of I AM HIP-HOP.”

P.O.Y, Ambush, EVOLVE (Clothing Company), DJ Mark Vusani and DJ Method Nsingo have put their ideas, skill sets and resources together to make this show happen successfully. They are open to all artistes that want to showcase.

Performances for this week  (Saturday 6 June) will come from Young Stan, Abquest, Tear-Dream Boiz, Tariqs Crew, Red Monkey nation, Team One Hunnet, Frost n Khapadia, Mzoe7, Them Dimes, Thabbz, Magic City, Navy Seal, CL Pop and many more.Please make a date with them and go and support Zimbabwean Hip-hop.

Young Stan
Young Stan
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