How To Tell If A Girl On Facebook Is Single and Searching

To help a lot of single guys who are looking for signs to look at when seeking a single girl to pair up with and drive out of the land of Singledom, I decided to make this write up.

I will probably face a lot of flack for this, but I did not create it that way, I am just stating it as is.

When a female is single and searching she typically. (searching being the keyword)

1. Makes posts to blast or spite men. (You would assume she doesn’t want them)

2. She takes “eye candy” like pictures. This is natural. She may not consciously realize that she is showcasing the merchandise.

3. She posts about how blessed it is to be single a lot or shares such pictures. Hashtagging #selflove etc.

Whilst #1 may seem contradictory to #2, they both play the same role.

Let me explain.

When a girl blasts men, the people that give that post energy and attention in the comments are men. – Thereby giving her attention.

When a girl deliberately shows eye candy. The people that come and thirst in the comments are men.- Thereby giving her attention.

She does not consciously do this at all, but it’s evolutionary. To be approached, some form of attention must be driven to her.

Well in #3, she is consoling herself of course but also indirectly telling males that the position is vacant.

You will realize as she streamlines her interest into one dude and stops praising single life on FB, she starts posting less and less pictures and blasting men less and less.

This by the way only applies for girls who are single and searching and not girls who are single and happy.

But even single and happy girls do variations of these.

A girl in a relationship who does most of this as well, is probably still on the market.

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