How To Really Be Worth More

For a long time we have all known that scarcity, makes things more valuable. Well not entirely true, that’s an incomplete story.

Luckily today we will journey through 4 scenarios which are easy to grasp. You don’t have to think hard tp master them. You will easily escalate your value.

After-all if we said, “Something is valuable when it is scarce.” We’d imply that people in low Malaria areas are dying to get it. 

So here are the 4.

1. Scarcity of Undesirable Things

 If something is scarce but no one (or few) want(s) it either it’s value doesnt become great.

So you could come up with a rare piece of music & try to make it very scarce because of Ecomomic Laws of Demand and supply. You won’t win.

Solution: Try make a demo of it available at a mass scale to create demand then make the premium version scarce.

2. Valuable But Too Available

 If something is valuable, but available to all, people take it for granted.

Nowadays it may be harder to sell a book. Whatever is in Think and Grow Rich and so forth has probably been refined freely in a 13 minute Youtube video.

See if something is really valuable and is abudant. It’s not that one doesn’t appreciate it but they just happen to be assured it will be there when they need it.

I am conservative about pre-modern moral code. Perhaps that is why in partriachal societies (where men choose who to marry via a dominance hierachy), women who wear things too revealing in public may be fairly or unfairly unvalued for marriage.

Yes “booty” and nice legs are desirable for males to watch, but if everyone has seen and touched them. 

A man is really looking for someone who has the same hot legs.

They just haven’t been seen by the whole village.

(Feminists will try and crucify me on this one but truth doesn’t care if you are an activist. What applies for a fact, doesn’t obey what you thought would be fairer.)

The moral for all here is, if you have something truly valuable. Keep it exclusive for those who deserve it lest people assume entitlement to it and will “use it” when it is convenient.

3. Abundant But Not Valuable

Sadly Zim Hip-hop was in this state at the time I typed this. Abundant but lacking value (to people).

Everybody has a rap song, blog and so forth most of which benefit no one nowadays.

You can’t be worth more by being on this quadrant.

In my previous example it’s like an unattractive person (to most eyes)/dying to clutter the timeline and tagging people to their pics.

No one cares.

4. Scarce But Valuable

I want to fit in this quadrant fluidly. Everyone wants it but it is not easy to get.

So people will pay more, it’s worth more.

Make ideas around what you provide and your persona.

Yes dress well, slay as everyone calls it but don’t flirt/sleep/share nudes with everyone. (in case you wondering where scenario 1. applies, your looks are your demo)

Yes give away a promo video, single, but when people know you are good, charge for an album, a show, merchandise.

The quality of your work may be good but the perception of its value also lies in the quality of your clients.


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