How To Deal With Rejection In The Music Industry

When you’re coming up as a music artiste sometimes you may reach out to people who inspire you because you feel you have ideas that would move faster if they helped out. However your “idols” may think otherwise, at times they may not respond to your message at all.

It has happened to all of us at one time. Going for that audition only to be told you weren’t picked, but let’s face it we get rejected more times than we see a day, except that we are bad at taking the verbal rejection.

There is no need to start hating your role model for not taking your offer. You can already imagine how many other people are trying to engage him into their ideas. It is much like when a young man proposes to a girl, he may get a ‘NO!” but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with him. After-all the girl can only date one guy at a time and no matter how she chooses there will always be a guy who will cry foul.

She may actually have a hard time choosing between Tinashe and Tyrone but in the end she must be one man’s girl and if she chooses Tinashe she is not saying that Tyrone is less of a man than Tinashe. In fact if she respects both of them she will have to choose one. The same applies in music.

There are many factors that may cause your favourite rapper not to choose your beats, or agree to feature, spit at your event or post your banner advert. Most artistes accept anything which is in unison with their core mission and purpose.  It may be also to do with personal values or simply the workload they already have.

Many blogs have invited me to write for them monthly but if you read through this site you will realize that I already don’t post daily on my own blog. This is an indication that if I took up a blogging job for a different blog I would eventually disappoint them by not posting. So when I decline the offer it’s not them, it’s me.

Yeah, you’ve heard that statement from that person whom you loved but they didn’t love you back but it’s true. It wasn’t you, it was them.

What I advise is no matter how much rejection you get keep moving. An airtime vendor in Harare gets ignored a day by more people than those that finally stop to buy a juicecard (airtime credit voucher)  which gives him 2cents profit. From that pool of people he re-orders airtime for the next day and pays rent and transport. There are even cases of people who have bought cars off this.

Maximize on the people that do respond and if the ones who reject specify why they said no, improve on it. At times people reject a product they don’t need yet. Remember you may pass by a certain shop daily that has a sign post that reads, “We Repair Phones” but their sign post wont matter to you till your phone dies at a time you don’t have enough money on you to buy a brand new one.

The good thing about marketing to people is that one day when they decide to look for the product for whatever reason, you may be first to mind if you were persistent.

Therefore artistes should keep sending material to radio, have their booking information easily accessible on social media accounts and websites. Occassionally advertise what you do on Facebook. Do not spend too much time worrying, hating on or arguing with people who are not interested and be blessed.

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